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  1. Hi Again All, I cant delete my previous post and need to change it - so THIS is the valid one. I have for sale 2 x USED but Very Good window rubbers - both inner and outer felts - for Corrado doors ie: Passenger and Driver. See pics. Mine was a N reg VR6. Give me a shout please if anyones interested, £30 ONO plus £5 postage. Thanks.
  2. Ive just checked these properly and they are NOT new but very clean used. sorry to everyone, that was a silly mistake to make, I thought when I bought them that I was getting NEW. Obvioulsy not.
  3. Hi All, Im not a newbie here but I cant post in the for sale section! Anyway, I have for sale a brand new window rubber both inner and outer felts for Corrado passenger nearside door. Mine was a N reg VR6. I got a pair off another forum user but only used the drivers side. Give me a shout please if anyones interested, £36 delivered. Thanks.
  4. Yes the car is still for sale but we have a potential buyer who says he is coming for it on the 2nd August. If he doesnt turn up oir doesnt take it, I will make it very clear on the forum. In the meanwhile, PM me for my phone number or check the ad on Car&Classic which has a link in the original posting. Thanks.
  5. Yes, car is available.


  6. Hi there. Do you still have your Corrado for sale? Thanks. Mike

  7. SOLD SOLD SOLD FOR £3500 SOLD SOLD SOLD Corrado VR6 Manual in Black with original black leather interior (heated front seats) and in UNMODIFIED, excellent condition for its age. Just had £2200 spent on bodywork, including new rust free, powder coated Cross Member (ie: Radiator Support), Bumper Supports front and rear, Window Scrapers, rust cut out wherever it has presented itself and genuine German metal welded in - so the car is now nice and solid and ready to be taken to the next level by its new owner. Lots and lots of vehicle history dating from 1996 to present. 2 keepers registered on logbook from new, and all have looked after this car as illustrated by the service history and general demeanour. First owner kept the car for 15 years. Second owner (present owner) ever since. The Corrado has 11 months MOT, and comes on excellent SpeedLine rims. Going a bit deeper.... Good Stuff: Headlights and fog lights are clean, only 1 cracked foglamp. Body work is very straight with no dents, scratches, scuffs or rust - panels all lined up very nicely as they should be engine bay very clean. Battery has been replaced. Strong, unmodified VR6 with no rattles Phenomenal power through the gears and that magnificent VR6 roar Stainless exhaust Recent brakes and suspension all round 2 genuine VW keys Thatcham alarm system with 2 remote fobs, blue LED warning winker Full black leather interior with Heated front seats Sunroof opens on TILT Genuine Speedline Alloys in Excellent condition Proven daily driver but never used in winter Redex fuel treatment to keep system clean and maintain Bhp Lots of vehicle history only 2 former keepers Unmodified and unmolested original vehicle Sony Face-Off stereo with Aux input Full First Aid kit in Rear armrest Uncut / Undamaged Boot Tidy Next Level Improvements: Headlining getting a bit baggy in places - could do with re-fixing or renewing Fan sometimes sticks on Rear Spoiler does not budge Sunroof opens on TILT and has been open on SLIDE - but I dont use SLIDE MOT advisory on all 4 tyres. So, nothing major or majorly expensive. Nothing to stop the fun commencing with immediate effect. This is a very clean example of a VR6 corrado, being the top variant of the model for up and coming classics, and would be a great option for someone who likes both power, luxury and real character when driving. This particular Corrado has been intercepted for futureprooofing whilst in good order and is on the up, and the new owner will be likely to be fellow enthusiast who is prepared himself to throw the money down to take this car to the next level; someone to whom it is important that this raw, powerful, resilient and unfussy, 'real drivers', 'real car' is encouraged to survive in this sterile, faceless world. Notes For The Uninitiated; The Volkswagen Corrado VR6 is a powerful 2.9Litre, 6 cylinder, 192bhp Grand Tourer that is capable of running rings round most things, and giving a rare and unique driving experience that modern cars just cannot even dream of. Many would say it is The most beautiful VW design, and here in the slickest, timeless colour with the best interior spec - this car is so outrageously cool it finds fans and turns heads wherever it goes. Those who know what it is need no explanation - and for those who dont the very stance and presence of this car quickly provides its own. Pictures can be seen here: (Gumtree give you 9 pics for free) https://www.gumtree.com/p/volkswagen/vw-corrado-vr6-black-with-full-black-leather-hted-unmodified-great-body-stainlessexh-%C2%A3%C2%A3%C2%A3%C2%A3s-spent/1344286235 Also advertised on Car & Classic here: https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1126280 Restoration pics also available. Please contact for more pics or info. Price is now @ £3500 ono. Prefer Enthusiast. Good Deal can be struck with the right buyer. Car is located 5 mins from the M61 at BWFC stadium junction. Thanks.
  8. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1126280 Its my car, im in Wigan Lancs and Im open to offers. Feel free to bell me on it. Cheers,Ta and thanks.
  9. A complete window rubber for drivers side would be great (RHD UK car) - anyone got one - preferably in decent nick? PS: the Scraper is OK, but if youve got a good one please do let me know. Thanks.
  10. I now need a complete window rubber for drivers side (RHD UK car) - anyone got one? Thanks.
  11. Down in the Park! Well of course. Quite terrifying really. Complex too, Numan celebrating his Asperger's surely. DON'T LET THEM TOUCH ME!! ;) Films and ME , I Die You Die. Someone will have to seriously resist mentioning Cars too won't they ;) The sleeve of Replicas is just amazing isn't it. He looks so inhuman. I think it's only fair to credit Numan with the invention of the imagery of male Goth for the Goths there. Siouxsie Sioux for the girls guide-lines, but Numan cut it proper for the guys with that. Pete Murphy never looked that cool. Numan really was breaking new ground, like he was the 5th Sex Pistol.
  12. I need to check out John Fox, he is someone I have neglected. Please pass on names of any outstanding tracks pal, cheers :)
  13. So it's officially VDubs and Numan here! Great stuff. MK3 golf, never understood why they get a tough press. Doesn't matter though, because that means there's more around for me to buy. Spotted a MK2 golf gti16v in a garage yard whilst U turning the T4 off my beaten track today, body looked good, wonder what the problem was. I will go back sometime and ask what the deal is with that. MK4 golf is about as new as I want to go. Speaking of T5 tho, I Saw a T5 blow it's engine on the M6 the other week - I still don't believe it's a better bet than the T4. My mate Terry has a T5 too, he limped it up to Buttermere in June for the annual fliers meet with an EGR failure. A lot of T5 horror stories. I don't think I want one. I like my old German metal. Maybe I'm crazy I don't know.
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