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  1. Too late dude already been said :roll: It dont look like that anymore anyway!
  2. yep thats mine check this vid out
  3. This is the only pic I got on me at the moment, dusted in primer just after I welded it!
  4. You not interested in my VR chargecooler? you can see pics in my gallery and its been on ebay a few times but no serious bidders
  5. One off my new toys. The caddy is now running banded steals, and chrome bumpers. But yes the corrado is having some major work done to it, should be showing its face next year.
  6. gibber

    tt petrol cap

    bluevr6rado thats strange my Venom kit came with a genuine audi cap and solenoid all in OEM packaging. and the black panel to weld in.
  7. gibber

    tt petrol cap

    You would be better with Venoms plate, as they are much flatter!
  8. gibber

    tt petrol cap

    VEnom sell the cap and a plat to weld it, you have to cut out your square cap and weld this one in its place. Its cost me 300 to have it done!
  9. gibber

    tt petrol cap

    loads of info in my gallery mate!
  10. scarlett wonder if he has heard that before? :grin:
  11. gibber

    G60 Rebuild

    I think most G60's look like that at least once a year haha!
  12. Stan 24v you could say the same about dubsport after Ian Birch sold it.
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