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  1. I really need to get my hands on a unit, 2 corrado's, one that won't start and one being rebuilt when funds allow + a golf with a few issues. What do I need to buy in order to use it?
  2. MNuTz

    clutch pedal drops

    thanks, gives me a couple of things to check. I'll add it to the "things to do list" that seems to be getting ever larger
  3. Just having a quick look over the car today for the vag-com connector I noticed the clutch pedal was quite far down, pushed it and moved about 1cm. Put my foot under pedal, and pulled it up level with the others, then went to push down and THUMP, it just whacks back down even with the slightest touch. Just a faulty pedal, or clutch issues ? :(
  4. I have taken the lead that goes from the starter coil to the dizzy cap and placed against rocker, I get a spark. I have tried 2 dizzy caps with 2 different sets of leads with the old and brand new spark plugs and I do not get a spark. So I am kind of hoping the problem is the dizzy itself, which as soon as I have a spare couple of hours I will be removing from my donor car and trying on this one. IF I can figure out how :D EDIT: Valerian, that's a really familiar name.....don't you live down by Barnstaple and have/had a really nice 200sx?
  5. OK, all I can say is "huh?" :D Any chance of explaining that to a simpleton? :D I get the rotor arm to number one lead but its the bit before that I don't quite get. Hi Are both cars KR engine? If you are getting a spark from the coil to the dizzy and NOT to the plugs, then either the carbon brush is missing from inside the dizzy OR the tip of the rotor arm is not touching the 4 metal contacts inside the dizzy OR all the leads are corroded inside. They are identical 1.8 16v rados, same year as well. The leads are off the other engine as well as I know they work. The only reason I still have the donar rado is because I knew it worked mechanically and I would need parts in order to diagnose other cars :D
  6. Sorry for the delay, seems like all I do is work :( Haven't taken a pic of the dizzy as I know it works as it comes off a car that does start. dizzy/rotor arm - bit out of focus Other general photo's http://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh19 ... ure003.jpg As you will see with this one the pipe that leads to the heater matrix has been bent round to bypass the matrix as it needs replacing. I have the part but refuse to put it in a car that won't start :) http://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh19 ... ure005.jpg http://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh19 ... ure006.jpg http://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh19 ... ure007.jpg And a video of the rotor arm while turning it over: I've checked the pipes and they all seem in good condition and the earth leads are both securely attached. There is also definitely a spark going from the starter coil to the dizzy cap but still nothing from the spark plugs when removed.
  7. hmm, tried a dizzy cap and ignition leads of my scrap 16v. Nothing. However while taking the old dizzy cap off I noticed that several surfaces on the lower parts of the engine had a white substance on that kind of looks like crystalised calcium. Checked the water level and the it looks completely empty. Checked the oil and its as clean as a whistle despite standing untouched for over a year! I am really starting to get stuck now and the worst part is that it appears the most of the tools I did have seem to have gone missing! :(
  8. ok, popped down to Halfords yesterday and got myself a spark plug tool and 4 spark plugs. Took the old spark plug out, tested it as mentioned above and no spark. Put new spark plug in lead and tested and no spark. Put new spark plug in engine and turned engine over, took new spark plug out and you can smell petrol on it. I decided to fit all new spark plugs now. I am guess that as there is a spark from the coil lead that attaches to the dizzy cap but nothing coming to the spark plugs its either the dizzy or ignition leads? I am going to take those off the scrap 1.8 16v I have in my garage and try them tomoz, if I can figure it all out :D Wish me luck :D
  9. ok, just been looking over it. We have a spark from the lead that connects the ignition coil to the dizzy cap. Someone told my mate to pull an injector and turn it over which he did, and small squirt of petrol comes out when initially turning over but none after. Is that normal? Everything around the airbox looks tight. Took dizzy cap off, everything looks nice and clean inside. although the bit that turns inside (don't you love my tech speak :D ) moves quite slowly. Obviously can't check the spark plugs yet as I haven't got the tools :(
  10. ok, lots of stuff mentioned that kind of went over my head :D But thanks, I'll go off and go through my bentley manual now and see how it all works. One thing I did try, I took the lead that goes from the ignition coil to the dizzy cap off, that does produce a spark. Anyone know what tools you need to remove the spark plugs as I don't have a spare one lying around? It needs a service anyway so may replace the all the spark plugs. Suggestions on ones to use? BTW, total mechanical noob, I am just very good at problem solving hence the reason he came to me and the fact I am willing to get my hands dirty!
  11. Hi all, A mate I haven't seen in a while has recently purchased a 1.8 16v rado, had it about 3 weeks with no problems. However, he noticed while driving on several occasions that the car revs seemed to judder and then be fine. Anyway, his missus went and popped £10 petrol in yesterday and literally as she was pulling into the drive the car juddered and died. He has changed the fuel filter this morning but still no luck. You get into the car, press the immobiliser fob against the touch point and put key in ignition. You hear the fuel pump whine, when you turn the key you can hear the car turn over but nothing happens! Any ideas of what to check?
  12. Hope this hasnt been posted already. Ive just seen a 'Stop Think' government advert where a mum is walking her kid down the road and shows him a stop sign then he slips free and runs across the road. As they are walking near the beginning of the advert, before the stop sign bit im positive there is a red corrado parked up on the side of the road., its then used for the driving shots! You then get a flash of a gear knob which im sure is a rado, and also the standard alloys like the ones on one of my 1.8 16vs. Can anyone confirm im not going mad? And has anyone got a link to the advert? Found a link: http://www.thinkroadsafety.gov.uk/campa ... safety.mpg
  13. yeah, its a build up of condensation thats causing it. Tell him to go for a good 20 mile + blast and then check, its should be fine after.
  14. MNuTz

    Urgent help needed

    UPDATE: Well, ive been using my mums Prelude for ages now as she wants it sold so im advertising it for her and doing a little to the body work. The rados has been in storage until today when i pushed her out onto the drive. All the research i did pointed at the fuel filter, which is what ive just spent 2 hours replacing. Still no joy. Turn immobiliser off, insert key and prime the system. I can hear the fuel pump priming, and what also sounds like the injectors spurting a little fuel into the cylinders. Ive removed 1 injector (the others are to hard to pull out) and primed it and you do see a little puff of fuel come out. If you try and start it it just turns over but there is no ignition, doesnt even try to ignite. Any other specific things to check? PS: Whats the best oil to top up with?
  15. I dont think you will mate, ive heard many times that ive you are in an accident that is not your fault you can demand that the other aprties insurance company has the car fully restored to its before accident condition. Maybe someone here can confirm but ive had a few friends on overclockers forum do exactly the same thing.
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