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  1. Just wanted to add to that post: I checked the resistance of the blue cts against this morning (47 Fahrenheit outside and the car has not been run yet) and it read 6.6k resistance. Not sure if this adds much to the above issue. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hey all, bumping this thread because the blip may be making a return. I replaced the ISV and it actually has been running really strong since then. The blip came back just the other day but not really intense so im not sure its anything to worry about or not. Maybe someone here can tell me. When i pull the car out of gear to come to a stop the car will blip about 200 rpm once it hits 1000 rpm. It doesn’t do it every time, it only does it sometimes. Does this seem like something wrong? I resistance checked everything other than the o2 and recently had a smoke test done and everything seemed to check out but i did have a separate question about the blue CTS. When i resistance checked this my coolant temp gauge read around 183 (about 83 Celsius) Fahrenheit - mine is a US car and reads in Fahrenheit - so it was just below half way up. When i resistance checked the blue cts is read 205 ohm, which according to the Bentley it should be at 205 ohm when the car is around 193 (about 90 celsius) Farenheit. My question being, how accurate is the coolant temp gauge? Could my blue cts actually be within spec but my gauge be off or is that a little far fetched? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Update on situation: Seems like there is a theme. It likes to do it when its colder out and when the AFR is lower than 12 starting. It did it today a few times upon starting until i opened the throttle and gave it a little gas then it balanced out. Seems like ISV is maybe getting stuck? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Caught it pretty well on camera. The first blip was the car and the second time me trying to get it to stop. I had turned the car on for about five minutes to check for a coolant leak - fixed it thankfully - and then shut it off for a probably about ten minutes then decided to take it for a drive. First time the car was on it didn’t do it but when i turned it back on to go for a drive it did this after being on for a minute. ISV? http:// https://youtube.com/shorts/yLywgWbHeec?feature=share Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Ok sounds good. The CTS is good then. All vac lines are brand new lines - OEM braided vac hose - and all gaskets are brand new and everything torqued to spec when 2L motor was put in. My assumption is going to be idle valve sticking or throttle sticking at this point Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Update on the blip. I resistance checked my ISV, and my CO pot. CO is at 410 ohm - yesterday was at 360 so i adjusted it up about half a turn - and the ISV was within spec as per the Bentley. I checked the Bentley on the blue CTS as well but found a different reading for what the resistance should be than that? The Bentley has a chart for what the cts should be at in correlation to the temperature. So now I’m confused as to what the CTS reading should be? I went for a drive today and it actually only did it one time in the middle of the drive. The car was already warmed up when it did it. Was coming to a stop and took the car out of gear - at around 2k rpm or so - and that’s when it did it but not one other time during the drive did it do it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hi sir, I will search for vacuum leaks but wouldnt it be a consistent issue if it was a vacuum leak? It wouldn't go away once warmed up a bit if it was vacuum correct? My ISV is new but I am going to test it today to be sure it is ok. I got it maybe about 1k miles ago. Same with coolant tempt sensor. These are all things that I will look over to be sure they are good though
  8. Here is an odd one for you guys. Started up my corrado G60 today and it started real funny. Started, idled around 1000 for a split second, then blipped itself to 1500 down to 800, up to 1500, down to 800 and did that a few times - almost like it was cammed - and then started to idle real rich because it was cold last night. Then while driving, every time i came to a stop the idle would come down, blip to 1500 and then come back down. Almost like the throttle got stock or something and continued to do this when i came to stops until it hit operating temp. I’ll add in a link so you guys can see it. In the video when it jumps from 1000-2000 is the car doing it itself. Not me at all. My CO Pot is set a little low - i think 350 OHM - so maybe in this colder weather it needs to be set higher because its compensating too much for fuel? I know my oxygen, or lambda, sensor is only a year old and maybe a couple thousand miles old. I also just tested it a couple of weeks ago and it read just fine, as well as checked the wiring for the lambda when I had done the bottom end swap in the car. As of right now I am not suspecting lambda but am also not ruling it out. The vacuum hose for the ECU is also brand new OEM vacuum hose that is exactly one meter long. This issue didn't come up until it started to get cold again (freezing at night) and the car had not been started for a couple of days. So my only assumption would be the CO Pot needing to be around 400 OHM instead? Any advice would be appreciated Blips from 1000-2000
  9. Hey all, As some of you know I have a corrado G60 with a recently swapped 2.0L bottom end. I have some AFR readings that I was just curious if anybody could confirm that they are ok ranges. I took my Corrado on a cruise today and between 2k-3k RPM crossing the AFR would stay between 14.5-15.8. Do these seem like ok numbers? Heres the specs for my G60: 68mm pulley 267 cam 2.0L bottom end 30lb injectors 3.5 bar pressure regulator ISV Reroute Stage 3 tune from BBM Rebuilt G-Ladder CO Pot set @ 450 ohm Any sort of insight would be great. Thanks guys Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Hey all, So it has been a while since I have posted to this forum but I just had a basic question. Recently, I did a 2L ABA bottom end swap on my G60 (kept the 1.8 head on). Did a ton of upgraded parts (including injectors and things like that). Just for a preface to this question, I have an adjustable FPR (running 3.5 bar), the 30lb injectors, and a stage 3 BBM tune on the car with a 268 cam and 68mm pulley. My AFR reads 14.5-17 while idling, and while driving it averages 14.5-14.8. Cruising AFR looks great - I am pretty sure - but am unsure if the idling AFR is good or not. So I was just curious about that part. I have heard things about needing a stronger ignition coil (like a MSD blaster coil) for stronger spark. My dad actually had this issue with his turbo E30 and needing a stronger than stock ignition coil when his AFR was reading lean. Just wanted to see if this could also be the case here? Or if these AFR ranges for digifant are accurate? I have heard that digifant is pretty crappy when it comes to AFR so I just wanted a little help. Thanks all in advance
  11. I know there are a lot of threads on this already, but I could not find the answer to the specific question that I had. That question being: can I reuse the water pump/housing, alternator bracket/alternator, and oil filter housing off of my G60 on the ABA motor? Or do I need to use the ones off of the ABA motor? The reason I ask is because the parts off of my G60 are a lot newer and look to be in better shape than those off of this donor motor that I got. Thank you all in advance! (also posted to VW Vortex)
  12. Hey guys, For anybody still following this thread, i made some headway. I replaced the ECU vacuum with OEM vacuum hose. It helped a bunch actually. Cruising around 2k RPM the car runs at ~14.8 AFR. When I’m driving and come to a stop, it will stay at about 14.5-14.8 AFR for a second but then slowly creep up to ~16-17.5 AFR. WOT is around 13.5-14 so still a little lean. I haven’t pulled plugs at WOT in a bit so I’m unsure if it’s just an exhaust leak causing my wideband to freak out or not but any opinions from anybody still following this thread? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Hey guys just a question to gain knowledge: How can the bad piston rings in a couple cylinders cause lean running conditions? I’m just curious as to how these would cause that i guess. Thank you guys for all the help Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Thank you for all your information and help sir! It’s been greatly appreciated. I found that i can strap an ABA motor to my head as long as i put two head gaskets on if I’m running a smaller pulley. And slight modification has to happen to the distributor in order to make it work. But nothing major. Other than that seems pretty straight forward. So here’s the plan: Source a low mile ABA to temporarily be on the car and rebuild my bottom end in the meantime Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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