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  1. As i drive a CTR as my daily driver i would say there isn't much difference but would say they have different characteristics thtas why i bought one as a different driving experience.
  2. Dunno what number it is etc all i know its a Cobra.
  3. Tried all the fixes on the other threads but my alarm will not stp at all when i reconnect the battery and will not reset.It's very tight in my garage too--so i'm getting really fed up. Looks like it will have to stop there forever!! :roll:
  4. Trouble is most of these are about 4 to 7k more expensive than Mps and Ctr :?
  5. A bit above my price range---i won't sell C unless absolutley necessary.
  6. New Type-R or Mazda 3 MPS or wait until new scooby in 2008? Opinions or other suggestions?----be nice :wink:
  7. One of the little BBS centre decals has dropped off can i get any from anywhere? :?:
  8. After some nice person in my car park put a dent in my door on the swage line a Chipsaway bloke said £130 to paint the door but if that's got to happen i'd sooner take it to a body shop and get the dent out too----any ideas or recommendations please?
  9. Hope its not gonna cost that much!!! Even measured from the floor to the mark in case i found the culprit--godd job i haven't really!! :x
  10. i know it was a silver car but didnt take much notice what type--maybe look tomorrow!
  11. Only just noticed this afternoon passenger door has had a chunk of paint scratched by someone opening a door onto it-- :x :x :cry:
  12. As a long standing member i say R.I.P. CCGB a shame but nobody is prepared to put the effort in these days to volunteer their time (me included by the way) and if you get it wrong their are only too many people ready to jump on the criticism bandwagon to make it worthwhile.
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