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  1. Looks really good mate, Like the fact that you lost the indicators
  2. TPS are open however they do not an awful lot still avaliable for corrados
  3. Living in Essex and not having a plate just creates unnecessary head ache so thankfully got a new-another had it painted and put a front plate back on the car, whilist I had the bumper We saw that the Looms had heavily corroded and at some point in its life must have had issues which damaged the front headlight loom so we made a new loom up. Also saw another set of 17" BBS RS on line so bought them for the corrado, 7.5 and 8.5, had a slight issue that the back of the barrels we sitting inside the spring which resulted in my buying slightly smaller barrels and reducing them down to 8j on the rear. Managed to source the New barrels through SRR Hardware and genuinely couldn't recommend them enough Ordered monday here next day so a win win 🙂 Wheels are now with Wheel shop for them to be polished up and rebuilt and will be on soon all being well.
  4. Thanks James yes tbh i think it is passed that i sprayed a few times with wd40 and its not necessarily helped from what i can work however i will give it some more attention in the next few days. I does it in stages so i think its the rams tbh
  5. Very True, I am quite sure theres no rust but can be sure I guess, I keep getting a mystirious puddle of water in the passenger side foot wells, which needs to be sorted asap. i just hate putting cars in to bodyshops as everything just seems to take forever 😞
  6. is there someone that is capable of removing a screen with out damaging and refitting with new seals ?
  7. Thank you very much mate oh excellent nice one, only this morning DPD dropped off my new wheels, bought a set of BBS RS 17 7x7.5, 8.5 after a cheeky test fit seems the 8.5 are hitting on the coil springs, i can clear it using a 15mm spacer but then its changing the image in my head, so going to order a a pair of 1/2 smaller barrels which will solve the problem. The S3 will probably be up for sale soon too. Thank you James its go a few things that need doing well the list on my phone is massive but i wont go there,, a few things are Sunroof needs changing, so organised one from Chris Ferry just gotta drive up to him once covid 19 is done, Get a spoiler as the current one goes up in stages, Fit a set of 312 discs as the current callipers are mk4 ones and disc are 288 corrado ones, Change inner centre dash panel, Stick a new Stereo in.Its got a few other odd jobs but most is that i. just being picky. Most importantly fit its new bumper 🙂
  8. During Lockdown it only made sence to give the Corrado some care So wheels off APC Cleaned up pretty well Followed by a Snowfoam, Soap Down, Clay barred, Polished then Sealed. Pretty Happy how it turned out. Car is currently on H&R Ultralow Coilovers which ride alot better than the last APs which were on the old Corrado.
  9. Thank you very much THe old one yes had factory leather but to be completely honest I am not a fan of leather on the whole tbh so the Change to the cloth interior was perfect. thats right they were speedlines they went with the car, a friend of ours bought it and seems to be making great progress with it Indeed it is Zaks old car, He really done a great job maintaining it, and thankfully I now will try and keep it to its former glory and hopefully tastefully change a few things along the way I spent a good hour or so going through his build thread last night its actually quite good to know that a previous owner was as passionate about it as I am. It really is a good drive, the friend that i bought it off took it to Austria last year. Thankfully Ive got a couple of other cars too but ill be honest I would much rather drive the Rado.
  10. So first and Foremost Hello All. Corrado journey started in 2018 for me, I've had a couple of my friends badgering me and tellin my how good they were and finally for personal reason i felt i best give it a shot, It started. First Corrado I had was a 1994 VR6 2.9 130k, leather drove like a dream but i wasnt sold on it as it needed paint and the previous owner had waxoiled all over the bolts etc. A friend of mine a guy thats very well known amoungst the Corrado Family Sukh (Westside SLC VRT) offered me his current Corrado not the VRT as that was sold years ago, but a better spec than my last so i bought this Mileage is in the 200k but the chains have been done, paints Tidy, currently on Stillstatic H&R Coilovers, Recaro Elec Seats and few more bit. I've been working through my list to get it as close to as possible.
  11. Thank you all. Great help so far feeling a little more confident in viewing this corrado now Thanks again
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