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  1. Wow they look new great job- as you say if you prep them yourself your on to a winner- its good to get rid of pitting as once powder coated water can sit in the pits and rots. - I think it also helps that your car was a very good buy in the first place. How is your fan support beam and double fan shroud.
  2. Also to add I dated a legal secretary once - but she was telling me that the solicitors use facebook shit loads in Divorce cases trolling through what the other half spending their money on= also thief's seeing when folks on holiday is commom.
  3. Lol so did I and was one of the reasons I came off was my friends wife posting a picture of a cup of tea she dropped down the stairs- enough was enough - also I weren't mates with you at school so why you asking to be a friend now 30 year later 😅
  4. Ive just changed my name on FB to Keyo Rado was really easy under settings did not have to close account thankfully - if I go on a club meet will be a mare explaining oh Im Kieran yap yap !
  5. My names actually Kieran mate - I joined facebook just for car parts and car groups and didnt want to start a full facebook page up in my own name and getting all family and friends connecting - plus car thief's looking on post and tracking my real name to home address on companies house, had 2 cars robbed in the past and its mental in Brum - I really regret not calling my facebook page Keyo same user name as on here as it looks like Im a Richard now - school boy error ! I suppose I could shut the fb page and then reopen another account as Keyo- its awkward when Ive sold and purchased items through paypal I have to explain this is my real name its a nightmare.
  6. Thats ideal - I think when folks over do them or get them retrimmed they never look right afterwards - nice to have a bit of patina.
  7. Yeah that what I was thinking cant think of the model but Lancia + Alfa comes to mind.
  8. Looking stunning- agreed though you need the stock lights back detracting from the front end. Someone will pay you good money for them aftermarket lights - probably around 300 with indicators.
  9. Just spoke to Vince and Im going down a week this Saturday with the new Hella fan and shroud and Vince is going to test all three settings to see if this 3 pin works - says might have an internal resistor.
  10. Totally recommend one of these beauties - chuffed with the quality. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Corrado-Keyring/263959919943?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  11. Looking a the fan unit that also changed same as loom on P and R no change over on Chassis S 6000.
  12. If have looked into fan loom in regards to very late fan motor ending with L and have also emailed classics to ask is the fan motor a three or four pin. The looms were superseded but only on chassis P and R so in other words there was now update in loom in regards to chassis S 600 - this leads me to think the Fan unit ending with L has four pins and only difference from J is top output of 450. If it does have three pins then it might have a different fan module etc etc. 536 971 281 E wiring harness for electric fan F >> 50-P-020 000 rhd 1 (1) 536 971 281 S wiring harness for electric fan F 50-R-000 001>> rhd
  13. Thanks Dox that is beyond my electrical know how which is limited to say the least.
  14. Im afraid not Dox. What is your conclusion is the fan a stage three and if so could it possibly work on three stages with only three plug pins compared to a stock four pin rado fan motor ? Thanks
  15. Here is the spec of the Hella fan. This is Hella catalogue for Corrado- as you will see looks like they have ended pretty much their part manufacturing for the rado, they have stopped making the fan I purchased- have also noticed they have stopped making the side indictors so worth grabbing some spares of the last ones on ebay. Fan https://web.tecalliance.net/hella/en/parts/2/8EW%20009%20144-541/detail?targetType=cars&targetId=1755&typeNumber=1755&groups=508#@brc/brands:Car;targetType:cars;mandator:hella/assem:VW%20CORRADO%20(53I)%202.9%20VR6;targetType:cars;mandator:hella;targetId:1755;typeNumber:1755/lnkparts:Radiator%20Fan;targetType:cars;mandator:hella;assemblyGroupId:100337;targetId:1755;typeNumber:1755;groups:508;brands:2;pf:2;page:0/detail:8EW%20009%20144-541;brandId:2;articleNo:8EW%2520009%2520144-541;mandator:hella;targetType:cars;targetId:1755;typeNumber:1755;groups:508 Catalogue https://web.tecalliance.net/hella/en/parts/cars/assemblies?targetId=1755&typeNumber=1755#@brc/brands:Car;targetType:cars;mandator:hella/assem:VW%20CORRADO%20(53I)%202.9%20VR6;targetType:cars;mandator:hella;targetId:1755;typeNumber:1755
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