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    Which windscreen ???

    Yeah will be sekurit but these screens look the business with the tint on the top- not sure what brand they are though have asked the question.
  2. Sorry to hear that mate it is one of my pet hates - when the trucks are backing up I have for my firm , the kid backing up tends to move his hand as signal to reverse but at the same time is looking at his iphone whilst picking his nose, eating a sandwich , and also sipping a coffee - however when the wagon hit something it wasn't the kids fault signaling because a wasp distracted him- oh and he wasn't driving the truck.
  3. That makes sense the stock rad is obsolete and the aircon is available this ties in nicley with the corrado world ha .
  4. Lucky young chap here just coming into the corrado world - don't think he is aware they are motorsport alloys - they certainly don't have the correct caps - also got the gauge pods , not often you can pick a car up with good paint and a couple of nice options- apparently it sold within 3 hrs . Wonder if this car was a members off here , feel sorry for them if they had to sell because of covid and all there hard work and sourcing was passed onto the buyer. By the looks of the trims and everything the car is in good condition . Don't like the look of the plume of white smoke though when he accelerates 8.13
  5. Got you mate was that hard to get hold of mate the air con one.
  6. Keyo

    Which windscreen ???

    Hold for this I’ll get some details for you , Robin from stealth got a nice top tinted one and I’ve text him to find out price and colour of tint, any less sun is a bonus for the dash ha ! . Also brand , Its noticable the top tint and looks cool .
  7. Looking great mate - what rad you got in the bay ?
  8. Just checked there is gold one on the one side but the over fecker is missing ! One of these missing N90401701
  9. I will check - do the clips come free when you take it of ?
  10. Yeah Ive been watching him si. I think he has made some bad car purchases in the last few months. He had lovely 964 at one point and a esprit and now has the pug and this lack lusting money pit ferrari which is sure to bankrupt. Car wizard from Kansas is good as well if you get the chance to watch him.
  11. So I imagine we have all purchased the scuttle air box adhesive backed seal from heritage and there is a large bit left over in the centre which I kept as I knew it would be useful for something. Used mine today on a mission to stop rattles and squeaks in the cabin. After much investigation and a few swear words the biggest culprit is the gearshift surround trim , the one you pull up to get to the obd reader + the c pillars. Just put some chunks of this under trims and the rattling has literally gone to 0 in the cabin. Took 5 minutes and the bit was free so bonus! and some left over!!
  12. Sounds good mate Ive got mine powder coated but I know its not the best protection as comes off in peels- so yours sounds good.
  13. Have you still got the cable carrier trims for the rear axle abs On my one side the locating lug had fallen off the subframe so only got the one side on and had to use cable ties. You can actually still buy these new for pretty cheap.
  14. Must be an internal part because it looks new -
  15. You know where these go Sean ? If not a i can take a picture tomorrow for you.
  16. Here is a good pic and Vince did mine.
  17. I remember these stubborn sods trying to pull them out, they are to loop the cable and support from memory - Geri remembers these.
  18. Mate they are for one door the inner and outer seal.
  19. Guys for this to work we need to keep it simple as we dont have the moderators and Toby is laisse a faire . I suggest people pay by paypal and business for protection. If they have a problem we all ready have a bad/good seller thread to report to other members- can also ask Toby to remove. Remember many old issues of payment were before paypal existed and folks were making bank transfers and posting cheques. To add Corrado parts are a sellers world not a buyers so lets make it easy to have access to these rare gems that occasionally come to the table. If it deemed a commercial seller then yes they should contribute- Toby can contact them if he feels they are a business and not a private seller- we don't need to get involved in that.
  20. What I suggest is a minimal approach system - Im not expert in IT but would this work Any none member(author) can post on car or parts for sale (but only the author and members of the forum can post on thread ) If a none member posts on the sale thread (will be the author of course) that is not related to the sale thread topic then a polite Im afraid this is for only a sale thread you can post elsewhere but will require membership Thank You - Cant see why any existing member can't post that no need for moderation.
  21. Well there are 60 members on here , lets have a vote. Then Toby can see the outcome and make a decision. Yes from me.
  22. The difference would be Dox if they post on here it will be up for grabs for the 60 members on here and not the whole of FB and ebay - also the prices tend to be better on here because well I know I have in the past priced parts on a membership friendly basis. Its not really advisable to post your email or any personal details on a thread someone told me once. The wanted thread when I have ever posted has never yielded me anything to be honest, and the brand new obsolete part will be more then lightly sitting in a none members loft who sold their car 5 years back and will be unable to answer. .
  23. Maybe a fee for a car but I think we are going to see hardly any obsolete or rare parts come up for sale With the present set up. Also sellers like sprinter have stopped posting . A lot of these rare parts are sitting in old members garages and when they move house or sell their car they use to be able to post them on here, they can’t do that anymore without paying a fee and signing up ,so will put on eBay or Facebook I Imagine . There not going to sign up to membership if they are leaving the corrado community.
  24. Toby please can I put a suggestion forward. Can you allow none members to post parts and cars for sale because I believe members are going to miss out on obsolete parts because unsubscribed members will advertise elsewhere . If you could possibly program it so the author of the post can reply and only paying members. If a none member wants to purchase the item then they can purchase a subscription. Any thoughts would be grateful. Cheers.
  25. I've purchased mine as a spare mate , they look correct no other choice apart from the phenix ones so I would grab a spare set whilst they are to be had chap.
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