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  1. Little citroen knobbers= sorry to hear about your loss.
  2. They have sold in 24 hrs. Got mine for a good price to. You tempted to sell ? I'm keeping mine.
  3. Some vento alloys just came for sale on corrado club gb facebook. 1250.00
  4. They just need to sort out their packing - lets be honest the guy has upset a lot of people but his made some good quality items - couriers have been slipping in quality due to the demand of internet orders I guess - hell me half the time I got a parcel thrown over my back gate.
  5. Just a heads up Spoonfed is on the verge of closing down due to issues with shipping and damage to items- Just bagged myself the extended spoiler form Heritage - there are a couple left - always wanted one as the stock spoiler is far to small- no doubt will be added to the sort after rare aftermarket mod will be a million dollars in a few years 😄
  6. Yeah my mate chopped down a large sycamore in a conservation area, the trees that have that horrible sticky residue which I actually think is aphed shite - it was spot on in middle of his drive and no doubt started its life as weed tree that know one could be bothered to chop down many years ago - his drive was roughly 7 m x 7m so had to go - got a 5k fine off the local council - he was in the local news and didn't find it too funny when I sent him a picture of a beaver chewing a log. Almost 99 percent a neighbour with of dobbed you in to the council . Don't get me wrong I like trees but they need to be managed .
  7. Yeah its not an easy one to get but other properties on my road have detached garages in front of the property and the garage will take only a quarter of my frontage- will also be 5 meters away from the frontage of the house and be a couple of meters from the borders all borders and will only be in front of 2 meters of the front of the house elvation due to my border angling off to the side of the house - so if they deny it I'm pretty confident I could win on appeal due to other properties having detached garages on the front (if this was not the case I wouldn't have bothered applying for permission )
  8. Fingers crossed mate I will appeal it though if they decline it - Im right next next to an ancient woodland so cant see why an oak carport does not fit into the surroundings. Also gone for the low pitch roof - so far in cost me £225,00 for planning.
  9. Because it sits in front of the main house you need planning but I should be Ok because other houses on my road have garages on the front of the property - if it was round the side or rear you would not need planning if its below a certain size and height- also to add if it is uninhabited building and the internal floor space is less than 30 sqm then you do not need to apply to building regulations - the magic size is 5850 x 5300 external perimeter- drawing below I dont want something to monsterous on my front drive- do you think garage below is big enough to house two vag classics ? Thanks Budget spot on 25k - 30 k but could be done cheaper but I like to use materials that match the age of my house which means oak and clay - can be done cheaper with larch wood and roof cladding - I will be also asking for 225 mm x 225 mm (also matches double brick engineers of the dwarf wall) Oak uprights as heavy duty is the way to go with a double swl.
  10. Thanks Cressa - I have not to be honest chap but I think you have to cut it up a bit to make it fit- I actually think the rhd scuttle is obsolete from vag now so I wouldn't want to chop one up- think the swg one is your best bet . Spoonfed do so as well but not cheap but look good- very good. Hopefully will have a home for them soon , can just shut the door on them and not worry about them - the hot weather is the worst baking the interior - drew up the plans myself for planning and they have now been submitted so fingers crossed / going for a double bay green oak with roller shutter doors so it shows off the frame- wooden doors make them look like a bit of a large shed. Going for the same as this but staffordshire blue clay tile from dreadnought that will match the main roof. Will have to put a membrane under the tiles as gone for a low hip profile roof which is the least light /view space saving design . Will have a dwarf wall with engineering bricks and granite saddle stones for the oak standards .
  11. Thanks Geri. Fair play for having a go you'll get it done Im sure mate no doubt with a bit of blood sweat and tears- will be interesting to see what they agree the value at- there was an 8V fully restored for sale for 18K not so long ago and sold (not sure what for) but it was a red one with rainbow cloth bb- Ive always said there are buyers out there for restored cars that will pay for the ready out of the box. Sold a couple in the past double over average. but did not profit
  12. Thanks ABV at the end of the day you can only try and get the value and insurance should cover you personal loss otherwise it is not fit for purpose- Hows your car coming on mate your looks a gud un to be fair .
  13. Got the 16V insured today with Lancaster Insurance for an estimated value of 19K which would cover my cost of purchasing and renovating in the event of a loss - The retail will be more like the 15k - Here are some pictures I have taken for the valuation and will update this thread what they agreed - Lancaster are not shy to value a car high and was one of the reasons I went with them and the Corrado will be following - cost £257 inc 5k miles - legal cover- comprehensive breakdown cover- valuation 19K. Always start high in a negotiation because that is exactly what an agreed value is between both parties. Not kidding you Im going to try on 25 K with the corrado they can only say no and If I get between 15k- 20K I will be happy. Cheeky couple of the Rado as well . Insurance is not fit for purpose if it does not cover your loss so I have no squabbles about going for a high value and paying a bit more on my insurance. (If you don't ask you dont get)
  14. Keyo

    Which windscreen ???

    Who was the window fitting firm ? Sorry to hear this but this is all to common throughout all trades . Start a new thread of I wouldn't use this turd burger again.
  15. Looks factory fresh well done.
  16. If you needed to rebuild your engine this would be a cheaper option and comes with schrick cams and zero block - so no brainer. Kids can't do the maths and see past the end of their noses.
  17. Mk2 Vr6 ^conversion world would want this - personally with what you have done and with gearbox and engine I really think 2 K plus myself - if you had done a full conversion on a restored car its well worth the money to put in a well sorted motor and gearbox. Only problem is that world if full of childish kids who don't understand what something is worth . At the end of the day just the cost timing chains and gearbox rebuild would cost 2k and you have a new block and a respected mechanic carried out the work with receipts and other new parts.
  18. Ok thanks can you pm me your best price for steering wheel and air duct posted to Uk West Midlands - only want airduct if no damage or cracks and none of the clips are missing or cracked especially on the smaller insert piece - thanks
  19. Ok thanks was the horn push working ? Cheers
  20. Wanted to see the condition and style and if leather or not thanks .
  21. Also our tire of the steering wheel - cheers
  22. Please could you send me a picture of the golf clocks thanks - also interested in the air box rear light duct trim . Thanks
  23. The most annoying trees in the world the silverbirch- my neighbour has two huge ones - constantly shedding seeds - blocks the car drains - house blows in when you open the door - cabin of the car every time you turn on the blower- blocks all the drains and gutters of the house. Right pain in the ass - first part of summer shreds green powder crap everywhere- then loads and of the little brown seeds for a month or so- last off autumn all the leafs shred - pain in the ass all year grrrrr rant over - but have to clean the gutters and drains a few times a year would like to give my neighbour the bill. Not my car but would be if I left it a week. Hopefully the fuckers will die in a couple years as only live max for 60 years.
  24. Looks stunning mate with the new paint congrats !
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