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  1. Wow they look new great job- as you say if you prep them yourself your on to a winner- its good to get rid of pitting as once powder coated water can sit in the pits and rots. - I think it also helps that your car was a very good buy in the first place. How is your fan support beam and double fan shroud.
  2. Also to add I dated a legal secretary once - but she was telling me that the solicitors use facebook shit loads in Divorce cases trolling through what the other half spending their money on= also thief's seeing when folks on holiday is commom.
  3. Lol so did I and was one of the reasons I came off was my friends wife posting a picture of a cup of tea she dropped down the stairs- enough was enough - also I weren't mates with you at school so why you asking to be a friend now 30 year later 😅
  4. Ive just changed my name on FB to Keyo Rado was really easy under settings did not have to close account thankfully - if I go on a club meet will be a mare explaining oh Im Kieran yap yap !
  5. My names actually Kieran mate - I joined facebook just for car parts and car groups and didnt want to start a full facebook page up in my own name and getting all family and friends connecting - plus car thief's looking on post and tracking my real name to home address on companies house, had 2 cars robbed in the past and its mental in Brum - I really regret not calling my facebook page Keyo same user name as on here as it looks like Im a Richard now - school boy error ! I suppose I could shut the fb page and then reopen another account as Keyo- its awkward when Ive sold and purchased items through paypal I have to explain this is my real name its a nightmare.
  6. Thats ideal - I think when folks over do them or get them retrimmed they never look right afterwards - nice to have a bit of patina.
  7. Yeah that what I was thinking cant think of the model but Lancia + Alfa comes to mind.
  8. Looking stunning- agreed though you need the stock lights back detracting from the front end. Someone will pay you good money for them aftermarket lights - probably around 300 with indicators.
  9. Just spoke to Vince and Im going down a week this Saturday with the new Hella fan and shroud and Vince is going to test all three settings to see if this 3 pin works - says might have an internal resistor.
  10. Totally recommend one of these beauties - chuffed with the quality. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Corrado-Keyring/263959919943?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  11. Looking a the fan unit that also changed same as loom on P and R no change over on Chassis S 6000.
  12. If have looked into fan loom in regards to very late fan motor ending with L and have also emailed classics to ask is the fan motor a three or four pin. The looms were superseded but only on chassis P and R so in other words there was now update in loom in regards to chassis S 600 - this leads me to think the Fan unit ending with L has four pins and only difference from J is top output of 450. If it does have three pins then it might have a different fan module etc etc. 536 971 281 E wiring harness for electric fan F >> 50-P-020 000 rhd 1 (1) 536 971 281 S wiring harness for electric fan F 50-R-000 001>> rhd
  13. Thanks Dox that is beyond my electrical know how which is limited to say the least.
  14. Im afraid not Dox. What is your conclusion is the fan a stage three and if so could it possibly work on three stages with only three plug pins compared to a stock four pin rado fan motor ? Thanks
  15. Here is the spec of the Hella fan. This is Hella catalogue for Corrado- as you will see looks like they have ended pretty much their part manufacturing for the rado, they have stopped making the fan I purchased- have also noticed they have stopped making the side indictors so worth grabbing some spares of the last ones on ebay. Fan https://web.tecalliance.net/hella/en/parts/2/8EW%20009%20144-541/detail?targetType=cars&targetId=1755&typeNumber=1755&groups=508#@brc/brands:Car;targetType:cars;mandator:hella/assem:VW%20CORRADO%20(53I)%202.9%20VR6;targetType:cars;mandator:hella;targetId:1755;typeNumber:1755/lnkparts:Radiator%20Fan;targetType:cars;mandator:hella;assemblyGroupId:100337;targetId:1755;typeNumber:1755;groups:508;brands:2;pf:2;page:0/detail:8EW%20009%20144-541;brandId:2;articleNo:8EW%2520009%2520144-541;mandator:hella;targetType:cars;targetId:1755;typeNumber:1755;groups:508 Catalogue https://web.tecalliance.net/hella/en/parts/cars/assemblies?targetId=1755&typeNumber=1755#@brc/brands:Car;targetType:cars;mandator:hella/assem:VW%20CORRADO%20(53I)%202.9%20VR6;targetType:cars;mandator:hella;targetId:1755;typeNumber:1755
  16. The Hella one I have chap is the same as the last part number with L 450/250/80
  17. Yes I can do for an early VR or 4 pot ?
  18. Yeaks too scared to drive the cars the trailer queens ?
  19. Dox I've gave up going to call Vince tomorrow surely he must of encountered the 3 and 4 pin issue. Yes that buzzer is horrible on the Mk2 had a bad female connector on the pressure switch. From what I learnt tonight my spare motor fan I got in a parts hoard that came out of double VR shroud had part number 357959455K - after researching found it was from a seat or polo.It had four pins. Must of worked though. Obsolete now. I have studied etka and VR up to this chassis S 6000 has part number 357959455J (now obsolete from vag) power output 350/250 /80 Bizarrely from chassis S 6001 has part number 357959455L still available for a whopping £400.00 from classics - Im not sure if this is a 3 or 4 pin . Power Output 450/250/80 For all these VR fans though from this era doing cross referencing on part websites they all seem to sell the fan motors with three pins and not four! . Also shove all these part numbers together for the same fan power outputs of 450/250/80 P,.s anyone know the last chassis number for a Corrado not many would have had the part number with L. Tonedef isn't yours a very late one ? https://www.volkswagen-classic-parts.de/en/lufter-c032e4.html
  20. FFS just noticed the plastic lug is missing on the bottom of the loom plug as well - the last owners mechanic who put the alloy rad in needs a slap 😂 Broke 3 out of for tabs.
  21. What is red and white cable for the top connector setting 1 ?
  22. The only thing I can hope for and this is coming from someone is absolutely shit with electrics is that some how the electrics inside the fan unit can determine off the other three cable speed settings. grrrr why can the b....... just have 4 pins ! Have an old grotty stock motor but nothing worse then putting a 27 year old part on your .
  23. So the black and red cable on picture is the one from the missing power plug which is at the bottom pin Also picture showing that the unit physically fits an old shroud I have. Also picture of loom plug bottom middle connector would be black and red cable.
  24. sure thats why Im posting will test it in the next week or so.
  25. Yes I know there is four on factory but is it possible that it can still work with three pins as the electrics may be different in the fan unit
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