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  1. Yeah there are some comedians out there that wouldn’t think twice about wasting your time - really are some chancers out there .
  2. Ideal skill if you are into classic cars !
  3. Its looks horrid stuff for sure. The welder at the body shop will do it- thanks for the offer though - I didn't know you could weld. I take it the cables need adjustment as well.
  4. Dreadnought classics UK about £50 for late set and they also do early. Stay away from the Heritage stuff its nothing like stock - its a joke they sell it to be honest they should be embarrassed. . If you look at my G60 Sassy thread fitted some of dreadnought stuff the other week with photos. Heritage have got out of hand- they charge £8 for post for a few bolts and also double the cost for bolt then if you got direct from vag- only use them if you have to as they are a very [poor value company looking to rinse your pockets twice. . https://dreadnoughtcustoms.co.uk/products/vw-corrado-bonnet-lining-2
  5. Ready for the body shop - no wonder the handbrake was high - very common ripped weld . Hole where white fuel line bracket houses onto the welded thread in floor pan which I was aware of . Perfect opportunity to give the interior a platinum wet vac .
  6. Guys do they look like original factory mats - think I will give the a wet vac and see how they will come up. Will be taking out the interior tomorrow ready for the body shop - will be lifting the carpets for inspection. . Boot sticker confirms XT recaro .
  7. I put a bit of silicon spray in the hole- to get the first bit in twist and push the bush in at an angle so half of it goes through, then large flat head that is not sharp or put some tape on the end of the flat head to stop any scratch and lever it through .
  8. Did them last night mate- too spongy with a press- put it in at a slight angle the bush to get the first bit through the hole and then a large flathead screwdriver head to push/lever the other side through . Helps if you put the cross member on a vice wrapped in blanket to protect powder coat sp you have good access. .
  9. Pretty sure what we call the Bosch motorsport coilpack is the same as this Saab/GM one on thread - pigtails off audi
  10. I might do this next- as you say win win !! They might even be more tolerant to heat soak and therefore be more reliable then oe. Next time I see Vince I will ask him if there any negatives.
  11. My mate is going to message you on ebay - he met you at the Dikes Robin from Stealth .
  12. They are good in this car the long term owner must of been an office worker midget as the interior is spotless . Got the parts back today £180 all in - great company that are well known for motorbike frames coating in Brum . As expected the front iron will need a small piece put on but glad the powder coater sent me a photo as I could see how well they blast them . Also fitted the Audi hinge seals which carry the same part number as the Rado - heritage sell some garbage copy ones when really they should stock these for the Rado and Mk2 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/304051557909 Finally ran out of the 3m product - time to renew . https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/402744380118
  13. Thanks Tone but this car is having no where as much spent on the last one . Wheels back . £220 refurbished with wet paint factory silver (not powder coat ) x2 new Toyo tyres £80 as rears where newish Toyo all ready so matched . BBS decals 70 mm £35 a set .of 4- went for gold but silver and red available- think they are fake but exceptional copies and quality spot on . https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154155562877 First parts received off LLL which useless Heritage and dealers said they could not get - genuine rad fan sensor and also ready available vag clamps which where about £1 each and there are about 12 in a G60 bay so for £12 a nice bit of shine for the bay . The rad sensor is the 3 connector unlike the mk2 which is 2 and G60 has an A on the end of part number Parts arrived from LLL within a week with postage at £4.95 even though I know for a fact they have got these parts from Germany classics Im guessing - this is my go to now if the part number shows in the search on website. Saves dealing woth 6 weeks wait with Heritage and also part VW staff who don't know how to source the parts/ slow on etka and charge 25 units in a bolt bag when you only need one. Great delivered to my door and dont have to speak to VW staff win win ! . https://www.lllparts.co.uk/
  14. I will pm you when I get home with the link mate /. It’s a funny one as it is shown on etka as complete bumper and not individual number for iron but I have purchased one before and another last week - it’s what I call a hidden part .
  15. Yes that is true snd knowing the trouble hotspots , spare parts at hand and contacts means it can be put on the road sharpish.
  16. Bit of an update - change all temp sensors and oil sensors to genuine vag - rad elbow - took any rust out the bay and painted myself including battery tray - slam panel -just waiting for stainless steel screws for headlights and I’m happy with the bay - Will be also fitting a new rad vag sensor and Hella premium line fan 150 - 250. Sorted out the exterior decals . Got a straight door fitted in saturn as old one had rust on seams. Next step is getting the car on stands and getting any rust out then will be passed onto my paint shop to paint both sides . Parts below that I have sanded and now passed on to the powder Coater they came off my breaker 9a. - you can still get a rear bumper iron fir £40 pounds so purchased one new alongside the heatshield and rivets. . I have sanded - krust rust inhibitor treatment - zink 182 primer but have not decided what paint for power steering hose- notice how the 4 cylinder pipe kinks on one end whereas the vr is U shaped - last time I got one of these powder coated it write off my power steering system as sand got into the pipe and hardened then loosened up in hot power steering fluid- never again. After paint work will be sent to Jabba for G60 service and timing belt service and to fit bushes and steering components. and that handbrake which is fat to high and does not work - left in gear . My only regret is I would of liked a bid on that Carlson Saab if I hadn’t purchased the g60 - it might well be a 30 k car now these days though which my budget would of been just over 10k . .
  17. What an absolute legend - dont often see one of these rare beasts for sale. Carlsson. https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1991-saab-900-turbo-carlsson
  18. Thanks same to your rado.
  19. Hi Geri, Yes fitment was mm perfect to be honest and Indeed the P does stand for Pierburg the manufacturer VW commissioned to make the units - interestingly all the solenoids that come with a vsr are pierburg to and ready available still today.
  20. Thanks Shaun. Was a risk fitting them as tiger seal is a you know what to get off but it worked for the best- all these shit body kits knocking about and Zender and Kamei got it spot on all them years back - fitment is excellent.
  21. Bit of an update - colour coded zender skirts fitted and I’m delighted - box will be on shortly and 288 mm then all done ! Spoonfed spoiler has gone back to body shop as after the heat paint has sunk making a ripple effect in the light .
  22. Hope your not suffering post natal puppy depression lol - its hard work the first few weeks for sure.
  23. Couple of obsolete plastic ducts or trims are £100.00 these days with cracks in them .
  24. Its the body work that is the head ache with the classics and obsolete parts- im looking to do the g60 but starting to resent spending too much money on these classic cars - it really is wallet draining and doing jobs again that dont meet expectations . Some of the mk2 lads posted the other day costs of their nut bolt restorations and the figures where 25k - 40 k and when they decide to sell they cant get 40 percent of their money back so home skills really do help make the hobby more affordable . People think that cars magically just appreciate to a high figure but really its renovation costs that drive the prices up as people are not going to sell for 5k.
  25. Its a very common place to go - can buy the original decal from classics and the jet nozzle and gasket for the tailgate surround- best to source a new tailgate or a donor one to make a cut out.
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