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  1. Just have mine on my traders policy
  2. It's still there brand new. I've just looked it's £58
  3. EBay. I've just bought 2 peices and all 3 are on there brand new
  4. Great seats the recaros. Not far off from getting a pair retrimmed and custom bases
  5. Hi ya. Ild be interested in a 90mm lip aswell Regards Bryan
  6. Luckily I still have my late grill aswell as a new open 3 slat one
  7. amazes me how you can get a corrado for the same price as a mk4 golf, just ridiculous
  8. Not having another mate. Breaking is the only way to get a return on it. Just need to motivate myself to do it. It's a known car on here. If you put the reg in the car pops up as the longterm owner is on here
  9. It's in the my garage now. As water pump packed in. And mot ran out
  10. No mate. It needs around a grand spending on it to get it road worthy for a car worth 2k max fixed as it was a cat c right off. Not worth the money.
  11. No mate. Had it moved ages ago. Needs loads doing and jobs just mounting up. And the cost is out weighing the cars value Ild post up an upto date picture but this site won't let me
  12. cheers mate, great advice Shame there worth more in parts at the moment
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