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  1. Hi there, I'm interested in one of these, can you PM me PayPal details so I can get one ordered. Ty Tam
  2. Hi Dave,

    Do you still have the repair kits for the doors, looking for a set. Can you PM me a price and your PayPal details. How quickly can you get a set sent out.




  3. Did you ever manage to get this sorted, There is a complete 1995 rolling shell for sale on facebook market place for £399, its has both wings and doors on it. A wing would set you back £150 - £200 for a decent one if you are able to find one and a door with all the bits maybe close to the same. Think the car is in Sheffield.
  4. Hi all, I recently picked up a rust free drivers side wing for my VR6 but it looks like it is an early wing as the flared arch isnt as big as the ones on the car. I was wondering if there is anyone in a similar situation who had picked up a drivers wing for an early car and ended up with a later wing. If so then would you be interested in a swap. Failing that ill have to put it on the car well i send mine away to get repaired. Ty In advance
  5. Tam

    Front Drivers side wing

    Well looks like my search for front wings may be over, picked a passenger wing up this morning and it looks rust free and in good condition, i will get a better look at it tonight when i get home. I also finally managed to get hold of a drivers side wing which i will be picking up tomorrow, its also rust free and its this one i need more. Don't think my passenger wing needs replaced but thought best to have one for each side when it goes in to the body shop. Much cheaper swapping a wing over then having to get rust cut out and new metal welded in.
  6. Tam

    Front Drivers side wing

    I sent an email to expressed panels to see what is involved if we wanted to get wings made, this is the replay i got. For us to be able to re-manufacture a panel we need a genuine, new old stock (NOS) panel to mould from. If you have a genuine panel of it you can source one then we may be able to help. If you belong to an owners club they may be able to help with finding a new/ old stock panel. To put a new panel in to production we require a minimum order of 10 panels. The current manufacturing lead time on new panel production is 10 months from order confirmation; this is due to a large number of new panels awaiting production. So there you go it is possible to start getting them made if someone has a minted couple of wings stashed away, this company produce lots of panels for various cars and there profile is rising, my friend has a hillman imp and one of the group members supplied them with a new old stock shell, they dismantled it and took moulds for most of it and now reproduce all the panels for them as the originals were discarded when the factory shut. Should see if there is any interest on this or if any one is already trying to do this within the group.
  7. Tam

    Front Drivers side wing

    Could be worth while contacting express panels to see if they could reproduce them.
  8. Tam

    Front Drivers side wing

    Your right Keyo, had a similar experience with my Lotus excel. Every excel was suffering from rotten door frames and it was getting to the stage it was going to be their down fall. The guy who ran the forum had been trying to get someone to reverse engineer them but due to there only being a couple of hundred of them left it wasnt worth the hassle or cost to anyone. Eventually a chance conversation led to someone supplying him with a contact number for someone involved with Lotus. After a conversation the Lotus man said he wanted to check something and would call him back in a couple of hours. When he called back he advised he found the original jigs they used to make the frames in the 80's & 90's in their storage building. They had also stored enough of the original material to make 100 frames. It was incredible luck and they started producing frames In limited numbers for all who wanted them and helping keep these cars on the road. I would love it if a similar development happened with the corrado's and the front wings:-)
  9. Tam

    Front Drivers side wing

    Thanks for the reply, I watched the rustbox restorations video of them fixing the corrado wings, very impressive but they are a bit out of my way. I'm probably going to see if i can get the wing repaired as it isn't as bad as half the ones i see going for sale.
  10. Hi all, I know its a long shot as they seem to be as rare as hens teeth if not rarer but i'm trying to track down a drivers side wing for VR6 so a late model wing, its the only part of the car that lets it down and i would love to source a rust free example to get fitted and painted before this seasons car season starts. Went to see a lad the other night who had a few stashed away but when he dug them out of storage they all had holes in the lower section under the indicators. Proper gutted as the three he had were all white the same as my car. Just need to keep looking i suppose. And help of leads would be much appreciated. I'm in the West of Scotland so can travel within in reason if any are for sale in this area or near buy. Many Thanks Tam
  11. There's a guy who runs a business in England who repairs the wings. His company is called rotbox rusterations. Worst case scenario I'll need to send them away to get him to sort them. £150-£300 plus £200 If you want it painted. When you think about it that's all the rot cut out and replaced and painted for the price of a new wing. Only a couple of passenger side ones left online. Haven't seen any drivers side ones for sale new. Great cars though, few on eBay just now. There's a 300bhp 1.8 20v turbo up for sale. If I hadn't bought the vr6 I would be all over it haha
  12. Hi Hannibal, Just joined the forum last night, I work in Glasgow but live in Greenock. Just bought a VR6 last month after a 15 year break from Corrado ownership. I've spent a small fortune in the last month, I managed to buy a 3 owner one with 82k and full service history.The only problem when you do this is a lot of original parts are still present and some bits are a bit tired. I've bought bbs split rims, audi TT wiper arms. Serviced it all, plugs, leads, coolant, oil and filter, new engine cover. New thermostat, new water bottle. Replaced sunroof motor, have a set of coilovers to fit aswell. Front wing has ting bit of rust and I've been trying to source a drivers wing but that is no easy task. Don't buy one with rusty wings as they can be fixed at a pricey cost but are near impossible to find rust free lol Tam
  13. Just ordered two sets from Joost eimers on face book tonight. He does both versions and you have a choice of 10mm or 20mm. Cost me £90 delivered from Netherlands for two sets of 10mm for a vr6. He put up and advert on vw corrado cars & parts for sale uk.
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