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  1. Never seen that website before. Sounds like eBay, but they make there money out of buyer, rather than seller. So if the description is false, and you go to collect a car that turns out to be a raft that's been described as mint, the seller loses nothing, and the buyer still has to pay the listing fees 🤔 Or am I miss reading how it works. Car does look good though, be interesting to see what it sells for.
  2. Not sure if my above post may have been missed by those in the know, due to the forum upgrade. Any advice or opinions greatly appreciated. Re-submitting this. Just in case it was missed by those in the know due to the forum upgrade
  3. https://m.rimstyle.com/alloywheels/detail/?car_model_id=1338&year=1995&s=00VEK8Gg What are peoples thoughts on these? 17x8 et35? That also come with 5mm spacers for the vr6. From all the reading I've done, my head is scrambled but I think they should fit, but not 100%. It's a standard vr6. I will be lowering the car, probably just with springs, but could go for cheap coil overs if needed, but want wheels first. Also, I think 205/45 is what is recommended, but would 215/35 work without rolling the arches. I'm not a fan of stretched tyres, and would rather a more square tyre wall.
  4. Is it a permanent 4.8v? Then the ground/0v side is switched to open the injector? Handy having info about what voltages to expect where on the forum for faults like this. Hope your new coil pack gets you up and running again
  5. Don't let distance put you off! I got off a chopper in Aberdeen, trained it down to Nottingham, then drove straight back up to Ullapool overnight to get a ferry home. I was running on Relentless and bags of crisps all the way. But ended up with a great car!!!
  6. Bush

    Sill repair panels

    Sorry lads. I haven't had a chance to look at it properly. Working away, and ran out of time before coming away to work again. I'm home on Wednesday all going well, so will try and update before next weekend. Hoping to get stuck into the car over the next few weeks.
  7. I think the fitter has to supply the alarm, for the insurance to accept it. As I live in the Scottish islands, getting a fitter would mean taking car to the central belt, which is a day down and a day back. There is next to no vehicle theft on the island. I could probably leave keys in ignition in the town for a week and nobody would bat an eyelid at it!
  8. If I take it out, it won't be getting replaced. I have no need for an alarm where I live, so less to go wrong if I do away with it completely
  9. That would be my best bet, but there isn't anyone local to me. I think I'll look into the wiring a bit more when I get time, and remove it completely if I can get my head round it. Don't think I'll trust it not to play up again. At least I can move it around the garage easily now.
  10. Got it working!!!! New battery in key fob, even though the led was still working. Made no difference. Found another 3 fuses behind fuse box, pulled these, and car turned over and ran for a couple of seconds. Left ignition on, replaced fuses. Ignition off and held down disarm button for 10 seconds. Car fired up. Not sure what to do now. Leave it alone, or carry on and remove alarm....
  11. The key doesn't appear to have a chip in it, possibly an older car that wasn't registered until 95... Key fob has battery, I've just nipped into Argos for new batteries as a last effort before starting to trace wires. Initial investigation it is mainly connected into the fuse box, with a large harness running from the 998 box under the glove box. I believe this is a scorpion 918 alarm, or 5000, not sure what the difference is between the different models.
  12. Sorry to bring up an old thread. The original alarm/imob has died on my 95 vr6. Had the battery disconnected for the last few months, as I wasn't using the car. Went to move it the other day and the remote won't disarm the immobiliser. Tried umpteen different resets and pulling fuses with no joy. Spoke to a fellow at Scorpion, who confirmed it would be completely dead, so needs ripping out. Does anybody have any wiring diagrams or pin outs for the scorpion 5000 (918 / 998). Read lots about it being straight forward, but not any pointers on what wires go where. I've located the box under the glove box, and what looks to be wires from it going to fuse box. Any help with this would be great. By PM if it's maybe not suitable to be put on the internet for obvious reasons...
  13. Bush

    Sill repair panels

    It's been delivered, but I've not looked at it yet, as I've been working away. I'll update once I've looked at it.
  14. Bush

    Sill repair panels

    I'm hoping the rest will clean up. Had a good poke around when I got the car 6 months ago, and the spots on the sills are the only bits I picked up on. After I put mot on it, I poked at them pretty hard, and they need sorting now, although not bad enough for mot fail, want to sort it just now before it gets worse. At the same time I do this repair, I'll probly drop the tank and rear beam. Give the underside a good clean up and wax oil. New bushes and paint rear beam, and a set of coil overs. No doubt there will be other bits that will need attention when I start digging. Gives me a reason to buy some new equipment for the man cave.
  15. Bush

    Sill repair panels

    Don't appear to be sided, which seems odd. I've ordered 1, hopefully it will be the right shape to make a couple of repair section
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