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  1. Hello all! Anyone here have creaking top mounts? Im useing KW V1 suspension on my Corrado VR6 -93 I had oem top mounts they had creaking sound so i changed to powerflex that didnt help i think it got even wore. so Is there any solution to this? buy diffrent mounts? Or do i miss something on my suspension?. There is a video how it sounds on Eurocollective site. Grettings Michel http://www.eurocollective.com/shop/index.php?route=product/product&manufacturer_id=13&product_id=25663&page=3 https://www.vwvortex.com/threads/anyone-lowered-getting-noise-from-the-upper-strut-mounts.7023267/
  2. Changed the sensor today, no more abs light. Car feels great no vibrations, Just don't put steering wheel on lock and accelerate
  3. Yes did it today, the sensor is dead. So i order a new one 🙂
  4. yeah i saw does on ebay, i made a bid on the 20€ one.
  5. Separate wire not easy to find, part number 357927903A.
  6. I have separate wire and plug on right side. I guess some later owner have change to old style
  7. Yeah I saw that on the other side. Its from 93. Then I need to find same as ecs type
  8. Okej will try find one. I don't have a reader for fault codes. Mabye it just work to clear the code. I need to buy a VCDS VAG-COM
  9. Abs ring is new, there is 2 different type of sensor. The right looks more older, this one is aluminum type
  10. Ahh really that suck. About abs light it came on after wheel bearing change, don't know what to do about it. The sensor have same gap compare to other side.
  11. Okej thanks. Would be super bad luck with new and faulty joint
  12. Okej, thats wired that it still have knocking/ticking...
  13. I dont see it pull out towards the hub, it feels more on the inner cv/gearbox moves. When i push it i have a play for like 5mm, i dont have any play on the right side. I think to remove the shaft tomorrow and check it out.
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