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  1. £118 sent for the two. Many thanks again 👍
  2. As an up to date wide-ranging review of current brands, I find this site to be helpful- but I appreciate it does not confirm available sizes in the reviewed tyres: https://www.tyrereviews.com/Article/2022-Auto-Bild-Summer-Tyre-Test.htm Hope it’s some help, nevertheless…
  3. 2 x deposit sent from me as well. Thanks again for organising👍🏻
  4. Doh😬🤦‍♂️. V late on this, sorry, but details just sent. Big thank you, to add to all the others…👍🏻
  5. I will take a second to get to the target 👍
  6. Definitely happy to take one, please 🤞👍. And to go the upgrades routes too with both the OE connectors and the relay box...
  7. Says sold- but if you want similar I have a set for sale; with or without hump in rear depending on whether your car is vr or 16v
  8. If TwoRounds not interested, I will take, please.🤞
  9. Yes! Just logged back on.


  10. Hi- are the seats still available please? Cheers.
  11. Is this still available? Message sent via eBay as well, but have only now just seen this... Cheers
  12. Mine arrived too- big thank you again- and your message made me smile!
  13. Back to the original query, and to state the bleeding obvious, the car is worth what someone will pay. So this one has plus points of smart recaros, reported service history, and lowish miles. All good. Less good is location, which as Keyo says will deter some people; visible exterior condition- which hints at greater hidden problems, and the fact that it has been “parked up” for some time. In between is marmite colour- some will love (me included 👍🏻) but some will not. Sadly ( for me at least), looks like good prime cut for a corrado butcher- as the seats alone should cover the cost if you don’t overpay. But for someone who wants to drive and restore it, that’s potentially a deep money pit, and a long term commitment. If a butcher, I would go to £1500; if a corrado lover a little more... with my heart ruling my head. But take the Ireland factor into account as well. FWIW, I would take a punt at £1350, meet at English port with a truck, and pay the ferry cost😀. And I suspect you would get better offers than that. Maybe a longish ad on EBay is the way to go, with a reserve to cover your bare minimum?
  14. Corrado butchers seem to be on the increase of late, sadly. I get that we all need donor cars to keep ours going, with so many parts nla - but some of those being broken certainly don’t photo like they’re beyond recovery. And it doesn’t take too many of the best bits to go, to then make it a real challenge to salvage the car, especially if forced to pay top dollar for what’s been plundered. I fear we’re now in a vicious circle where fewer cars mean fewer bits mean higher prices mean more recoverable cars stripped. Frustrating when there will always be the accident damaged etc to provide donor stock.Not a lot we can do to stop that, sadly, so I guess we just have to suck it up ☹️
  15. Cheers Helmert. Best of luck with your search- hopefully as lockdown eases there will be more cars put up for sale. Are you still interested in the auction 16v?
  16. Well, after reading all the above, I took the plunge and went for this. The steering column wasn’t an issue for me, the more so as my 95 model brochure/price list show an adjustable column was an option on an 8v. The bean counters really had gone mad by that stage then. No wonder they never let a successor car see the light of day ☹️
  17. Oh... and the car looks fab, btw. My new car is same colour so if we ever get the chance to meet up we can do a compare and contrast to make you feel even happier. Whilst I’ll be cursing, just out of earshot😢
  18. Cressa, if you’ve any left, please put a couple of pairs aside. Happy to pay etc... although you really owe me as being responsible, along with James, for my failing to stop buying a second corrado last weekend- it was your “corrado poor” comment that did it 😬 many thanks, Tim
  19. TimA

    DAB question

    Many thanks, and good luck with that👍🏻 is the car looking shiny and new now-? Any pics , or have I just overlooked these in another thread?
  20. TimA

    DAB question

    Hi Cressa, did you get any further with this, or are you waiting for the respray to be done before finishing the job? Or am I confusing cars?! I am keen to do the same thing soon, ideally at the same time as a sunroof replacement when the lining will be down anyway. I’m a born again owner now- they didn’t have these challenges in the nineties! (Tbh, most of the issues I face now weren’t a problem back then 🙂) Any help/hints appreciated... Cheers, Tim
  21. FWIW, I agree with Cressa, Keyo et al that you have to try- but keep it simple. PayPal is a protection financially, as is forum reputation- if you shaft someone, people will quickly to know. And non-compliant posts can be called out by any member. Posting crap entries is inevitably a risk, but you will only see if the risk outweighs the benefit if you try. There will always be reasons not to do something, but as Cressa has said, stand still and die does not seem a wise choice. if you’re sceptical about whether it will work, run a trial for a sensible period of time- 2 or 3 months, say. I would think timing it now, as we emerge from lockdown, would be a good moment- people have had time to find stuff, and more cars are on the road over the summer. Nothing ventured...
  22. Did these sell or are they still up for grabs? Cheers
  23. Jim, if you have any left , I’d be keen on 2 sets please. Here’s hoping... 🤞 Cheers
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