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  1. Hi Micky, Do you happen to have parts of the sunroof mechanism? Did the car came with the sunroof option?
  2. Finally I got back from a long boring business trip :) and have some time to post in here. I am having troubles with the forum, I hope I am not the only one with these problems :) I am trying to post a picture but it keeps saying "this is not a valid image". Anyways, the part that broke is not connected to the cable, it is the slider where the thin metal rod attaches to. It has four small hooks (one at each corner)that act like springs to prevent the part from rocking inside the rail. One of these hooks broke off and now there is a very minor rocking but enough to prevent the sunroof to keep latched when sliding. LOL I hope you all understood my explanation. I am going by words instead of pictures until the system let me place a picture Does anyone might have a spare I can purchase from? Thanks guys!
  3. Hi Everyone, I am looking for one particular part that broke on my corrado, I think it is called the slider on the passenger side PN 722-686-988. I will try to attach a picture of it once I find out how :) If any one might have a sunroof assembly available it would be great to have it for spare parts as well. First time posting here,still learning how to upload pics Thx
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