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  1. hi. unfortunately my ecu has died suddenly. I am looking for a new one. On the polish forum i found list of matching ECU: VW Corrado G60 1,8 PG 037906022B VW Corrado G60 1,8 PG 037906022CP VW Corrado G60 1,8 PG 037906022DP VW Corrado G60 1,8 PG 037906022DQ VW Corrado G60 1,8 PG 037906022EG VW Corrado G60 1,8 PG 037906022EH The one i had was 037906022CP .I had borrow an ecu with the same number and engine works properly. My question is if the ECU 037906022DQ is interchangable with 037906022CP? I have a possibility to buy one with this number on it but i am not sure if it will work ... My corrado is G60 MY1991
  2. Hello from Poland.At the begining i would like sorry for my english, anyway i think we will be able to comunicate:) I own my corrad for nearly 1,5 year and finnaly i decidet to register in this forum, hoply i will stay for longer:) once again hello from PL:) are there any more users from Poland registered here?
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