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  1. Mine sounds the same as that one. keep fit windows and lekky sunroof. And is a nice pink colour. On G plate all the 16v had mechanical odo's. The lekky one only came in when they did the facelift iirc. Do you recon that the keep fit windows make the car worth more? they seem to be very very rare.
  2. I have just done this job too and am having the same problems. I cant seem to get the belt to stop flapping around. I can turn the belt through 90 degrees. It sounds fine when i the engine is idling but as soon as the revs rise a little the belt starts to flap about and make a horible slaping noise. I dont have either of the VAG tools. any help and advise would be great thanks. G
  3. Rite well on some engines you can lock both the bottem end and top end in place so you dont have to phaf around with timing marks.
  4. Cheers. I have no doubt in my ability to do the job, the only worrie i have is that if i miss something when takeing it all off that it will become an even bigger job to get it all back together. That is a risk that i would like to avoid. I am working away from home and so i dont have all my tools such as timing light etc with me. Hopefully i will have the head off tomorrow. I just hope it has not warped. Cheers for the assistance. Will be of great use tomorrow.
  5. Please. I am getting Desperate here.
  6. Corrado 1.8 16V The head gasket on my car went last week and I am due for a cam belt change anyway but what I would like to know what is involved in changing the cam belt. Is there a way to lock the head pulley and the crank pulley in place before removing the belt? How do I go about it? Also which pulleys on the bottom of the engine do I need to remove? When I refit it all, how do I know what tension the belt should be at? Please could some one help me with this ASAP? This is my only transport and so I really need to get it back on the road by Monday. I have bought all the consumables that I need such as head bolts gasket set new belt and tensioner. Now all I need to know is how to remove it and re fit it. Cheers G
  7. Gman

    KR engine

    Has anyone done this? I just striped my spare engine. The main bearing shell in cap 4 seems to be the wrong one fitted. it was the only one in the cap that had an oil channel. Is this how it was meant to be. I dont understand why it should be like this. This main bearing would be the first the get the oil preasure. Any ideas. Also where is the cheapest place for me to get the following. std piston rings, std main bearing shells std big end shells full gasket set inc seals Also does anyone have any clearance specs for the KR engine. I have measured up all the bores for ovalisation and they seem ok. It was + 400ths and the piston was - 300ths ( that is for the worst case bore) Any info on the engine would be great. Thanks.
  8. Y would you insist that it is built at karman? They did a good job on the corrado but they are not a very good company. We have been dealing with them at work and they are quite frankly shocking. totaly useless.
  9. Come on some one must have some ideas. Does anyone know which components are on circuit 15. So far I have: ECU Warm up regulator ISV ( possibly)
  10. BUMP any ideas. could it be the isv
  11. Could it be the ISV that is doing it? I know it is buzzing alot at the mo.
  12. How much should we expect to pay for this system?
  13. Spoiler is on fuse 16 on my car. The fuel pump circut is fine that is fuse 18. It is the engine electronics fuse that is going. from what i understand there are a number of things running through fuse 15. The main onw that i can see is the FEI. I dont know how to check this? Also does anyone have a wiring diagram of the 1.8 16V. I know there is no haynes man for it but thought some one might have been able to get hold of one. The bigest question could cause the fuse to blow? ( I think it is safe to say that it will not bee anything to do with the fuel pump... Correct me if i am wrong pls) So to trace the problem I need to know everything that gets power from fuse 15. Does any one know? Or does anyone know of a cheap auto electrition that has work on C's before and knows what he is doing? maybe in the MK area.
  14. Ok, As i dont have a multimeter at the mo, The best i was able to do is clean up all the earth terminals. so the Bat is making good contact with both the chassis and the startermotor. I also pulled the fuel pump relay out and opend it up. It all looks fine in there. All nice and clean. I am still at a loss for what to do.
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