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  1. dale p

    carpet underlay

    hi guys replaced heater matrix and pulled up carpet as soaking wet and wanted to dry out floorpan,pulled up all under lay as soaked and falling apart whats best to replace this with cheers guys
  2. dale p


    hi guy juist wondered if anyones experienced wipers only work on high speed and nothing else,is it a relay issue?
  3. dale p


    tried looking for bolts on bulkhead can only see one is that right,above heat shield?
  4. dale p


    ok,think going to check nuts on bulkhead first before start someones had some the trim off before and cracked a few pieces but before my time so that be another job
  5. dale p


    ok sounds a bitch to do,got a premier quality from gsf as original was near 300
  6. have a cracked facia so would like to replace if anyone has a spare:cool:
  7. dale p


    hi guys after bit advice firstly are the internal facia plastics removable or are they moulded into dash itself also wheres all fixing points on it as need to swap heater matrix so if i can get heads up be great:cool:
  8. got swap heater matrix as its shot,very minor scratches on body will sort did you buy local
  9. ok you got many things to do on yours
  10. welcome mate im new myself with another mystic blue storm so heres 2 already:afro:
  11. is their a way to upload pics off phone
  12. hi guys new to corrados ive got me a mystic blue storm,got minor bits to sort on it but absolutely nothing major
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