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  1. Go for a 350z 8) i took a GT4 out recently .... very nice
  2. just seen this on men and motors - the scumball rally - lookin very minty just waiting to enter the nuburgring
  3. i'm soo tempted to buy one of these or a tuscan but they scare me , every ad says 20k miles rebuilt engine :-(
  4. looks like he let the missus park it for him :lol:
  5. http://www.vx220.org.uk/forums/index.ph ... opic=48174 not good ....... :cry: best details are about half way down the thread
  6. Hi Ben Bentley manual says the same , use air pressure to push the piston out with a piece of wood placed in the caliper to stop it damaging the piston
  7. red on green looks good imo
  8. he's a tight ar$e , the buyer always does this unless you buy trade
  9. lovin the pics and your c .... nice
  10. did mine recently , not half as bad as you would think, you will need some grease unless the kit supplies this ? clean the 8mm bolts out with a small screwdriver so the allen key gets a good purchase, i used a bar on my allen key and they were ok , you'll see what i mean when you do it but to get the abs cages off just put a screwdriver through the bolt hole and tap, they come off easy oh yeah get some copper grease for the rear of your pads
  11. steve @, honestly the look a million times better in the flesh, i got them off ebay , i'll try and find the link
  12. http://www.tuning.co.uk/rieger/ rieger ?
  13. i used a 21mm swan neck ring spanner to take my koni top nut off ,worked fine mate i did the top mounts on mine without removing the strut, i found i could jack it up and undo the top and lower the strut and spring out of the way , put the top mount and bearing in and bolted it up are your mounts the same ? mine are fully adjustable so no allen key head at the centre which added to the fun :-)
  14. rear bearings , you would be suprised how much a slack bearing can alter the car, making it feel twitchy but its unlikely as this has only happened since you had the bushes done , you could try playing with the coilovers to alter the damping now the bushes have stiffened the rear http://www.the-corrado.net/wiki/index.p ... xle_Bushes
  15. doh! just read this :-) iirc this will come on for the handbrake and indicate a low fluid level in the master cylinder pull the lid and see if it comes on , then check the wires and float , i'm not sure it may also come as a wear indicator for low brake pads hth
  16. abs ring :-) and sensor on the rear (did my discs, pads, bearings the other day)
  17. total bargain and sweeter taking it off the clown who had it lol , wheel and tyres must be worth at least half the £300 :-)
  18. L100PY_H, helen you nust have missed this ........... right where do i start?? i went into my local halfords store and saw a lad who has been working there for a few years. he said there was a box of the meguiars microfibre cloths out the back that had got soaked. i bought them from the lad for £1.50 each, he said meet up on the following friday and he would give me the cloth's. i met him, he gave me the box. on top of the box were the meguiars cloth's. but just under them were the copys. i did not even check them until this thread started, just put them in the shed and forgot about them. payment came in from you guys. so i went to the shed to clean them all off. that is when i noticed the difference between the meg's on the top. and the other type on the bottom. in the 2 weeks they were in my garage the kid has been sacked for stealing. so i packaged all the cloth's that people paid for, along with there cheques/postal orders, as i would not contemplate or even think about conning anyone on this forum. AD2408 i will give you a call soon mate, so to everyone who sent payment for the meguiars sorry.
  19. surely you're not suggesting you go above that speed on a public forum :-)
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