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  1. The cheese and ham thread is still stickied in Off Topic for a bit of nostalgia :lol: I can't find the all time classic Angel Eyes thread though! That kept everyone gripped for days :lol: Do [/img] links from image hosting sites still work, or is just uploading images to this site that's broken?
  2. The love is still strong on the CF..... I'm welling up :lol:
  3. You might want to have a look at the panel behind the fuel flap as it's a bit of a moisture/dirt trap up there. I noticed quite a bit of rot on mine, but luckily it ground down to clean metal and I treated it. As for the ground wire, mine rusted off as well and I never got any static sparks blowing it up at the Shell station :lol:
  4. Howdy Mr Golden Finger of Fudge :D How's your beast? The one on 4 wheels :D
  5. I would a love a ClubSport S but it became a bit of a speculators car on top of it's already steep price tag, which made it unattainable for the average GTI fan. The regular Clubsport looks like a good buy though, and a cheeky remap will delete the silly 20 second over boost function, and take it up to Golf R power. Last chance to get a 3 door GTI as well, seeing as VW have dropped them now!
  6. How much does it cost to run a forum? Perhaps a few of us could take it over and move it onto a better, more modern platform?
  7. It's my pleasure to inject some pork back into the forum :lol: I traded that in for an Edition 30 5 years ago, and still loving it :) I'd recommend one as a Corrado replacement any day of the week, or to own alongside a Corrado :thumbleft: R32s are just a bit too heavy and cumbersome for me. The GTI is a lot more nimble. MK5s respond REALLY well to chassis upgrades without ruining the ride, which was always an issue with the Corrado!
  8. Yeah, a good investment!
  9. Sadly not! There weren't many VR6 parts left in my Corrado after I'd finished with it :lol: Is Schimmel Performance still around? If so, they still do the 263 cams and other tasty VR6 bits. I liked their oil filter housing, which had 3 or 4 ports for sensors and ditched the annoying cartridge filter in favour of a cheaper, more convenient spin on job.
  10. Oh dear! It would be a shame if it shut down. I think a lot of forums are declining these days in favour of that god awful, toxic cesspit - Facebook. Add to that declining Corrado numbers due to age, rust, scarcity of parts....and established members moving on to different cars.....yeah, it's not looking good :(
  11. Yep. Phone use in cars is rife now. I've lost count of how many times I've nearly lost my MK5 because of other people, but when I daily drove my VR6, I rarely had any near misses. Even in the last 10 years it feels like the driving population has doubled, along with a massive decline in driving standards. I think I would feel safer driving in India or the far east. On a lighter, more practical note: I still maintain the VR6 was the best FWD car I've owned for winter driving. All that weight over the nose helps traction!
  12. I'm not sure if Andi is still looking after the forum? Tom (VR6) is an admin but not sure he uses the forum anymore! I've seen a lot of reported posts on my Kevin Bacon account, but I can't login to action them, not that I can anyway as I'm not an admin.
  13. I tried it with and without the remember me tick box. After getting "You've used up your login quota, please wait 15 minutes...." half a dozen times, I gave up and created a new username instead!
  14. Daily drove mine for 9 years but I certainly wouldn't drive one every day now because of how small it is vs how many dumb f'cks there are on the roads. It's too rare to risk being written off by a texting Yoga mum.
  15. £12K for an R32 conversion :eek: I agree with Swiftkid. Having also done an R32 conversion and also owned MK4 and MK5 R32s, it's quite an underwhelming engine. VR6 turbo for sure, or maybe a TFSI conversion to shift some weight off the nose. The CDL engine from the 8P S3 is the weapon of choice. More torque everywhere than an R32 and 350-380hp capable with bolt ons and a map. 440hp with a TTE420 hybrid turbo. I would even go as far as retrofitting the DSG gearbox also to bring the Rado more up-to-date mechanically. That can all be done for way less than £12K!! Some garages just pluck stupid figures out of the air.
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