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  1. Would you do an exchange on these for a set of late fogs? Driver cracked, passenger ok
  2. Jesus, wtf is going on? So I've had to register as a new user just so I can post stuff and speak to admin. I thought great I'll be able to log in on my laptop and get some pictures up... erm no "wrong username or password. You have used up your failed login quota!" Really starting to **** me off. My corrado runs better than this forum, and we all know that's saying something. Admin please sort!
  3. Can admin please sort my account out. It is PEACEDUB (No spaces). It wouldn't let me log in on my laptop and asked for password reset. I have tried the procedure hundreds of times, I.e reset password, follow link,wait for password to be sent, use password on link. It then tells me I've tried logging in too many times and that I have to wait 15 minutes, so I wait... and then it repeats itself. Sometimes it will reset but it won't allow me to log in on another device or it won't let me change the password in the settings. Just so I can call out to you guys in admin I've had to create another account. Please sort it out. Many thanks Steve
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