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  1. Other | Anthracite Blue | Maidenhead Price: £2500 Description: Hello * I am not sure how to put this in the other VAG for sale section sorry. If an Admin can move that is great* Its time to sell my golf. I have had it for a number of years but I have just brought a new car which is more family orientated (a five door!). Here are the details: 2000 (W Reg) VW Golf MK4 V6 4Motion 103,700 miles Anthracite Grey 3 door MOT until 25/5/13 Tax until 31/5/13 Just serviced (Under 100 miles ago). New Rear pads at this time as well as new spark plugs and new fluids Full VW or specialist service history (VW up until 66,000 miles then local specialist) Usual V6 4 motion refinements (heated wing mirrors, auto wipers,dimming rear view mirror etc) Owned for just under 4 years Both sets of keys Comes with original stereo not aftermarket one in the photos Heated Leather Sunroof Climate Control New tyre's all round (under 2000 miles on them) KW Springs and shocks (standard springs included in sale). This gives a subtle -35mm drop. Bad Bits There us a small dent in the bumper where someone reversed into me in a car park and drove off. A few car park dinks etc (usual for age) Alloys could do with a refurb. NOW ON EBAY - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/251177355323 I am based in Maidenhead, Berkshire
  2. Looks like a Superduke. Not sure what VW can add to KTM experience, especially with KTM expanding their ranges.
  3. Joined, although I hope once the Corrado is sold I will still be allowed to continue!! :lol:
  4. Hi I am after a multi meter to help me fix problems with my bike, but would like one that I could use on any future bikes/cars etc. I am bit confussed with all the variety so does anyone have any recommendations? Any thing I should be looking for, any ranges which are useful? Thanks
  5. Hi Will a mk3 steering wheel fit the vr6? Its the same design just wondered if it had different spline or anything? Thanks
  6. Point taken :lol: I think I am just worrying about nothing. Thanks people.
  7. This is true, although the insurance company never actually saw the car, they just sent me a letter saying it wasnt worth repairing (again although not having seen the car or heard about what had happened). I spoke to them and they agreed that it was worth repairing. The letter seemed to be a standard letter they would sent to everyone with an older car. The only damage was bonnet, slam panel and headlight, no damage to the engine bay or anything in it. It has been repaired to a very high standard and I challenge anyone to show me where it was repaired! :lol: I did mention it in the ad as I beleive in being honest. I will happly take any pictures etc to show people, I really have nothing to hide. 8) A few cars have had the odd bump etc, at least I am being upfront about it! :D
  8. Hi I am trying to sell my VR6 and its not going as well as I thought. Is it just the time of year, should I wait a month or so? Is there any other factors you guys can think of? What sort of price do you guys is reasonable for my car? I thought it was one of the better ones? http://www.the-corrado.net/.archive/forum/viewto ... 12&t=65204 Is it better to play the waiting game? I am in no real rush just like to get a general feel for the market. Thanks
  9. I used megs all purpose cleaner. Its great and it has some special chemical that 'brightens' or something like. Can be used on the carpets as well. Very highly recommended. Heres the stuff http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... em_guide:5
  10. :arrow: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=65204 :mrgreen: :thumbleft:
  11. Hi, bad luck on that. I did almost the exactly the same thing happened to me in May. Damaged the same parts from my bumper was ok as I hit the back of 4x4 (the wheel on the back doing all the damage) Initially they tried to write mine off but I fought it and they agreed to fix it. It took months of wrangling though. I can only say I hope you get it sorted quickly. If you have any questions I will see if I can help. I was insursed with Ensign via Brentacre.
  12. Woo! :multi: Tell me about it! I actually punched the air when I got off the phone with them. I am so glad it will live to see another day (although not with me I am sad to say). In my opnion even mentioning that it should be written off. Still all is well that ends well.
  13. After much wrangling the insurance company they have agreed to fix it. :D So it is currently being repaired and the car as a whole will be for sale soon! :(
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