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  1. JBOB

    Nxi 887

    Does anyone who owns my old car NXI 887 ? Thanks
  2. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. Admin please move if needed please. Last night I wondered about my old car and the "Smart Vehicle" app I use says it's been SORN since 2017. So just wondered if anyone here owns it or knows about it ? Reg NXI 887
  3. Crucial V4 256gb Solid State Drive Brand new / unused Bought for me as a gift but I already have one !!! £100 ovno includes recorded delivery - collection possible from Nr Hemel Hempstead ---------- Post added at 10:23 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:07 PM ---------- Forgot to say that the receipt from crucial is included. It was bought 2 months ago so there's loads of the 3 year warranty left. ---------- Post added at 10:24 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:23 PM ---------- Forgot to say that the receipt from crucial is included. It was bought 2 months ago so there's loads of the 3 year warranty left.
  4. Bloody hell I haven?t updated this thread in ages lol Right ............. The car didn?t make it to UD so that?s 3 years in a row a car of mine hasn?t gone :confused4: :( :( :( All was set for it to be ready but last Saturday I became ill so didn?t put it back together in time. Im still ill now and some of you might have seen me wondering around UD looking like poop lol This is how the car was two days ago and how it has been for the last few weeks !!!!! Ive been working on quite a few things like wheels but they were a bit wide for the back So ive had the back of the wheels machined down 10mm and the adaptors are now 20mm (25 before) Ive also put some -1.5deg shims on the back from Regal. Better but ill get all four on until I pass judgement lol Front end is going Bora 8) Bit dirty atm though !! Ive also fitted a showcage Retrimed the headlining in back and replaced all the interior plastics with black :grin: :lol: Ive got a whole lot more things going on and ill update this asap :ignore:
  5. lol Cheers mate :D Good to see its being used daily like I did. One of the main reasons I put the air-ride on it, and the fact it looks so good when its slammed :lol:
  6. Im not 100% sure that the car seen in Ireland is my old Corrado !!! I sold it to the guy from Exeter in March and he sold it in July. The post on Vagdrivers is "Apr 16 2007" :?
  7. These should look good but for the rest of the plans you'll have to wait for Ultimate Dubs !! lol I MIGHT make it this year as the last two years with the Corrado didnt go very well. 1st year the car was stuck in the body shop from Nov - April !!! and last year I had a wheel fall off the back :shock: Turned out to be the new "high" (crap) quality wheel bolts. I went to the shows in the end but in my g/f's car.
  8. Im not looking to get it back as im up to my eyeballs in Mk4 Golf atm :lol: :lol: :lol: I was asked about it at work today and it got me thinking.
  9. Has anyone seen my old Corrado about ???? I sold it in March last year to a guy who lives near Exeter but he then sold it a few months later !!! I went to most of the shows in '07 and didn
  10. Been a while :oops: I see my old Corrado has been sold on by the guy who bought it from me. Last seen by my mate in Coventry .......... anyone else seen it ????????? Loads of updated pics of the Mk4 :shock: :lol: Ive changed the rear lights more than once and settled for the M3 style ones 8) also some Anniversary style front lights for £60 brand new on Ebay :shock: Seeing as ive always been in two minds about the wheels, ive been on the lookout for something else :roll: I bought these a couple of days ago Three piece Mirror polished Mercedes AMG 8.5 x 17 front + 10 x17 rears 8) I should have some tyres next week ........ that’s if im not working ALL the time :(
  11. Airride will be going on but not til later this year !!!!!!!! Ive got interior plans that im sorting atm and the wheels are being dropped off this weekend. lol Im not selling the house as Ive only just bought it :lol: Next door is up forsale, they are new builds so im using their driveway for both our cars :lol: Ive ordered some FK highsports for now. I didn’t want to spend mega money on coils so I could put the extra aside for the air.
  12. Cheers guys :D Yep a few plans in the pipeline :lol: The tyres are 225/40/18 8) You cant really tell in the pics but the car is really really dirty !!! It was dirty when I collected it :roll: and it was just 10min after the 250mile trip back from Norfolk. I think it looks good in the pics so when Ive done the clay/polish and wax it should look even better 8) 8) :(
  13. 1999 1.8 20v Turbo Mk4 Golf 20vt (150) Metallic green 18 x 8.5 BBS LM Recaro interior Climate Control Since I sold my Corrado at the weekend I needed to find a new car. Id been looking around for a while for a Black/20vTurbo/3 door/Mk4 Golf but for some reason 3 door cars are like hens teeth !!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t want to compromise on any other details but I really like the dark green and grey Golfs and found this car on PistonHeads (10min after the owner had posted it lol) Ive got loads planned already set for the car inc dropping the wheels off with Pureklas on Saturday morning to be polished and ive bought some coilovers today so its going low very soon. It drives spot on and the only 2 faults ive found so far are the stupid Bailey dumpvalve that goes WWWOOOOOOOOOSSSSHHHH with only a very slight lift of the gas !!!!! and the starter motor has just about packed in but I got some money off the car to cover the cost (and more :D :D ) Watch this space for updates soon ;)
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