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  1. What a beautiful family picture! Very nice mate, super nice! Everything is going well with the Corrado so far? What's the wife will drive when the mk7 is gone 😉 Cheers!
  2. Things are progressing well, good job! I wish I would be doing the same, that's where I should be with my project as well but with the virus around, no one wants to work on my head right now... So assembling the engine back together along with the timing chains is on the back burner unfortunately... The Humble Mechanic's videos really helped me pulling the engine out and I'm definitely thankful for his videos. Reading the problems you had with the head gasket I for sure will go with the metal MK4 one. Glad you fixed the issue though. Keep up the good work, Cheers
  3. That's great, I'm glad you found the best way to make it happen. I didn't knew there was a difference between RHD and LHD before starting this thread. And by the sounds of it, it's quite complicated to swap. Cheers
  4. Thanks mate for that and it all make sense what you are saying. It was hard finding pricing on those things and I appreciate all the help. I think Corrado parts are getting very expensive and we somewhat have a role to influence that. Such a small community of enthusiasts all over the world. I'm going to try to be kind without loosing too much money and offer the whole thing for 500£ to the chap who wants it. Thanks a lot for your help!
  5. Thanks for posting this, much appreciated! I know one day I'll have to go down that path... Nice looking tool btw!
  6. Ya, very lucky! Those haven't been in production for years now I'm afraid... I did get my carbon fiber license plate holder from them as well! Cheers
  7. Yes it is LHD. Ouff it sounds like a lot of work for sure to convert it. Thank you for explaining all of this to me, much appreciated. I guess I'll think about it and try to figure out a price for the guy near me. He has a LHD Corrado so it should be straight forward to him. Thanks for helping out! Cheers
  8. Looks stunning! Must be so much fun being on duty to put some miles on it! I love that Corrado vr6 by the door!
  9. Ha! You're funny! No, I never been able to use A/C for some reason it's giving me migraines everytime...
  10. 4 hours is not all that bad I guess. And ya, I agree with you, usually doing a job fir the second time saves half the time. You don't have a picture of your setup to remove that screw by any chances? The dreaded heater core! Like you said and that's what I'm afraid of is breaking mouldings and such... And also there's something disheartening about looking at a picture of a Corrado dash removed can only imagine doing it... And I agree as well, while in there better fix all those doors and do a major clean up!
  11. Thanks for clearing that up! Now I understand. I wonder if the difference in installing it is more on the electrical part than under the bonnet? I've read a thread saying the AAA and ABV condenser were direct bolt on so hoses/pipes should be somewhat the same as well? I guess looking at a RHD engine bay fitted with A/C would shed some light... Anyways, now knowing this which I didn't knew 10 minutes ago maybe its not the right place to figure out the value? Just started this to give someone a fair value of the stuff! Cheers
  12. So if I understand correctly there was no factory A/C in the UK? I'm surprised to read that! My engine is an ABV as well so it must have been fitted in Europe at least? Yes, I guess the rarity factor being Corrado but also pretty much all A/C components are NLA for about 5 years now... I think the compressor and accumulator are still available though. I don't know what to ask for a fair price. I'm thinking it's worth roughly between 500 and 800£ in that condition for the whole lot. That's based on pricing from other listing but with a guess on what a condenser is worth since I can't find any for sale...
  13. Oh yeah I've heard it was a biatch replacing it... That and the heater core are the two things that I'm not looking for to do one day... How long did it took you? Congrats on getting it done mate!
  14. Thanks mate, you're always helpful! For sure I would rather sell it as a lot more than in pieces. The guy here wants everything except the compressor. I don't know him and if someone of this forum is interested, I'll prioritize here without thinking about it twice. Its in very clean condition, I could spend an hour washing everything to make it spotless. Anyways ya, the condenser I cannot find any threads of one for sale other than an few years old ebay listing for a new one and it sold for an astonishing 800£ craziness! Cheers!
  15. Hello, As many of you know I removed my A/C system of the Corrado VR6 1995. I don't use A/C plus I would like the space to install a Mocal oil cooler at the front of the radiator. There's a guy locally who would like to buy the stuff from me which would help me finance some parts for the Corrado... Problem is I have no clue what it's worth? All of it is in very good condition, no rust on any of the parts, car has 65 000 miles only. So I could find some pricing on the lines, compressor and accumulator. But the one that I can't find nowhere is the condenser! Can someone please help me trying to pin point a fair price for all of it? Thanks chaps!
  16. You must be feeling like if you just got a new car mate! Happy for you. So nice to have it back that fast as well. I also love the front VR6 red badge on your black Corrado. Thank you as well for posting the break in period, that may be useful! That Schrick is beautiful to look at, I wish I could have one too but I think I missed the boat on that. Keep us posted! Cheers mate
  17. Thanks to all of you for helping me out with this much appreciated. I will follow the advices given to me and stick with OEM and buy all new parts as well. Flywheel will be the Sachs OEM. Just a quick note, being a single mass flywheel does it mean that I don't have to buy a ring gear for it? I'm doing a transmission swap so I have no visual references... As for the clutch, of my two suppliers here, one sells a Valeo clutch and the other one sells a ZF but that's not OEM right? I should be buying something like this? https://www.ebay.com/itm/SACHS-3-Piece-Clutch-Kit-Inc-Bearing-VW-GOLF-PASSAT-CORRADO-2-8-2-9-VR6/223324943185?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908105057%26meid%3D597cc02c891843138ac7832b498dee62%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D15%26mehot%3Dpp%26sd%3D223324943185%26itm%3D223324943185%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2380057%26brand%3DSachs&_trksid=p2380057.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3A30f6d4c0-8a2f-11ea-9cd9-467e461e61c3|parentrq%3Ac695075f1710ad397ea2fdcaffff19e0|iid%3A1
  18. I'm kind of curious to know what you guys have for clutch/flywheel installed on your VR6? Starting to look at what's out there and there's lots surprisingly. I think I would like something OEM or stage 1. I'm not going turbo so there's no need for something extra. My mind is pretty much set on the OEM Sachs for the flywheel but it's the clutch I'm not sure... Any suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers!
  19. Holy what a great job once again! So you're equipped to spray paint? Yes that wax is hard to remove. What are you going to put over your new paint? I'm thinking of waxing it but is there a better sealer to keep the future grease out? Those brackets, the one underneath that goes to the right holds a part in place. The one that installs on top of the other bracket that aim towards the left hold the A/C pipe that pass there. I just removed it since I'm going to delete the A/C. I guess that would explain why some have it and some don't, depends if A/C equipped. Keep it up, you're coming with exceptional results!
  20. Yeah, I'm not sure about the Schrick mate... I think you should sell it to me 😉 Seriously, it's a real beauty! It's such a nice piece, I'm almost jealous! Color combo is classic, I love the setup specially on your black car. Looking at your engine, I see the OEM plastic crack pipe and thermostat housing. No problem with them? I'm asking because I was thinking of upgrading to the Grüvenparts setup. Can't wait to see that engine in the car! Cheers
  21. That's true. Good positive point, thank you! As long as I don't make too many costly mistake ha! Cheers
  22. Absolutely mate! This is worth gold... You're lucky to be in that position. The mechanic I had here who specializes in VW decided to close the shop after 20 years, he's moving back to Germany. I was pretty sad when he told me and now I can only rely on myself, YouTube and you guys on the forum. If you get more pictures, please show us!
  23. Oh, it's looking promising! That's a good thing indeed for having Vince personally doing it. I think it's also better to have just one person doing the job, specially a pro. Keep us posted! Cheers mate
  24. Excuse my ignorance but are all schrick needed to be obd2? Or you bought it and came with an obd2 throttle body? I never seen one in real life!
  25. Ya, I like to think that I live in a good country. People are friendly in general, the outdoors is amazing, free health care, we got quite a bit of money from the government to stay home for 4 months during this pandemic... Obviously not perfect in every way but pretty decent. Keyo's right, an average salary will buy you something decent. Although, the further west you go, that highest is the living cost. Main reason is weather. As mentioned winter is long and cold on the east coast but not on the west cost. Talking to my parents back east, they still have 3 feet of snow and compared to us, we didn't get any snow this winter and the leaves are already on trees. We've had a week around 18 degrees and it's still snowing back there... The country is huge, i made 6000km to come here, never had to do an oil change after a drive lol. So ya, flight from the UK is long and you can add another 5 hours to come here! That said, if any of you makes it around here one day, I'll definitely have you over for a bbq, beers and Corrado talks! Anyways to come back to the main subject, that radiator is really nice, was is custom made? Why are you swapping fir obd2, just want more reliability and sensors? Cheers mates
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