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  1. Saw the red G60 again today. JI67 OUL - I think. Normal BBS wheels. Big yellow steeringwheel lock. Not this one tho Jack.:(
  2. I didn't like to be seen peeking at it too closely, but seemed to have BBS type wheels; they looked like the ones you often see on the G60 (can't remember what they are, but not the RAs). It's parked in arup. Edit: JI67 **L
  3. Red G60, (J reg?) on Blythe Valley Park, Shirley, Solihull Nice to see one locally.
  4. I've tried all sorts; Pilot Sport 2's, 3's, Uniroyal Rainsports, Coni Sport 2's, 3's and 5's, Proxes, Yokos. I'm now tempted by the Eagle F1 Assymetric 2, at £115 per corner. But some folk are saying Nankang's are great for the money - they're half the price of the premium brands; it'll save me £200. But someone also said they're the cheaper version of Yokohamas - if this is true I'll avoid them, as Im not a fan. Anyone got views on either the F1 Assymetrics, or the Nankang NS-2's? Thanks
  5. Ballz of fire? LOL Depends on your goal; seems a lot of folk like the pose factor, which seems fine to me, as the C is a beautiful car to behold; think of all the slammed VW's you end up behind on the tiny roads leading into the GTi international (when it was in mids). But if you want best of both worlds, which it can offer, then agreed money needs to be well spent on the suspension as much as a new paintjob or leather interior. I personally would dream of both but settle for a wolf in sheeps clothing. If anyone is interested there is some fascinating litterature out there on suspension, what adjustments can be made and how those affects bazillions of factors, all which seem to boil down to needing a road test, feel good factor, and did it fail period; amazing stuff. Once you've read some, you'd probably not change too much, or maybe compromise. ps - back to practicality. Do you know the shocks are knackered, leaking, or springs are plain wrong? If not, search the forum for common problems with handling; bushes, top mounts etc can all lead to wobbly or crashy feel. Take it all apart, have a look, and be ready to dig deep or start saving (all relative I appreciate).
  6. Hello, hello, hope you're all well. I'm glad the site is still going strong, as it truly is the best car site i've come across; practical, informative. Thanks for the replies. I was thinking of thumbing through GT5 just to get an idea of where we should be backing off; I'm guessing its not forgiving, and takes a long time to learn. I've vowed not to time or compare times etc; sounds chicken I know, but the main reason for this trip is to road trip, not grass/fence/wall trip. Ok, glad it's doable in a day :) Thereon, not sure if Stuttgart or similar is ambitious in same day. Probably. And also curious if the Autobahns are worth using (mate is adamant we try one) or if there are some nice flowing twisties. Maybe we'll aim for what 'looks good on a map' and see how that goes until we reach southern boarder with austria. I hear you need a pass or tax card or something to use their roads - or is that just the motorways? I'm well ta Jim; you've moved closer I see. I'll keep an eye out for your C then; I'm still in my hairdresser car for now; I'm torn between saving up for a modern tt or going small hot hatch, or Scirocco; its all money money.
  7. Wicked, I'll have to look this up. But I wanted to go semi close to Innsbruck or at least the Neuschwanstein castle, and into Italy. I think your route migth add a day - but worth a look see to see if it will fit (i was thinking stuttgart to Vicenza was ambitious. More tips like this welcome :)
  8. Same old questions hey. All the above advice is right, so best add it all up and try to conclude for your self. Buying twice is never nice tho. What do you want from your coilovers? You're not sure yet, as you dont know how well it handles, or was it a bag of nails when you bought it? In which case you should've parked some wonga for some nice suspension; but do you know whats wrong with it, and what you can afford? If you're short and cannot afford the full fix, maybe best to fix one bit at a time, with good stuff. As you'll be aware, coil spring over shock is exactly what the Corrado needs. Many people choose the more expensive adjustable coilies, which you dont need to feel is necessary to get a good setup; just the adjustables are good for track play. The gap in the arches looks huge on the C, so can feel your frustration, but realise that playing with suspension on any car is massively complex; so expect some odd results. Hearing a 'spoing' is never a good thing IMHO. A small drop should be sufficient, while almost giving you some practicality too. Bilstien, Koni etc are all good stuff. Remember, measure the drop you're making; so if the travel of standard is 100mm and you drop it 40mm, you've lost 40% travel, meaning you need to increase spring stiffness by at least the same percentage - so always buy springs for a Corrado, not a fiesta or something. There is a Tyre sticky thread if you're interested.
  9. Hello old and new, I'm appealing to those that may have driven over to the ring and beyond. I know a lot of you will have driven over to the Nurburg Ring. Questions: 1. Is it easy to drive over there in a single day? 2. Any odd German road laws to watch out for? 3. Any tolls or roads worth avoiding? Or using? We're planning on driving on a bit more after that. Possibly Stuttgart. Then through Austria onto northern Italy. The pass through Austria looks limited, there seems to be a lovely windy motorway - beautiful scenery - but bound to be a toll; I notice a small road beside it.... are these smaller roads in Austrian north italy rubbish, pot-holey, slow etc, or good? (you been that far south Tempest?) 4. ibis tends to be basic. I prefer a Campanile where possible; will often arrive late and nice to have meals on site. Therefore what equivalent they have in Germany? Or much better to venture into town and find a bar? 5. Any good spots worth stopping, staying, sleeping? Many thanks in advance :)
  10. (having real problems with this site) I'm ordering some SC2's, £131/each fitted, 225/40/18. I've ignored the SC3's as they dont live as long, and for you I would imagine they're too soft compared to the SC2, going by what you are saying. The P Zeros are hard, i know. Yes put new tyres on rear, you'll be fine. Im off before my text fails again.
  11. Think you'll find its all of the factors that are making the car feel nervous or twitchy or tail happy, whatever it is you're getting; the deep 8mm new treat doesn't help stability for the first 1k. I used to have 195's on my 15 rims and put some new 205's on the front. Felt odd, and the back kept stepping out; tried the 195's on the front and it was marginally better. Ithink having balanced tyres all round does help; be it make, size and even age. Just popped on here for some feedback and consensus on good sporty tyres. I've had a real mixture over the past few years and must say it's hard to choose. The Uniroyals were great in dry & wet (after the initial 8mm tread worse down they felt more stale), but soft tyre wall, and also they didn't last long. Then my next car had some Michelin Sports on, very nice and stable; tempted. Then some Pilot Sport 2's, which I managed to trash very quickly; as new the shoulders only had 4mm to begin with; total tosh. Then Some Contact 2's; loved them. Then Contact 3's but didnt last as long as the 2's. And currently running some P Zero's, which seem to slide all over the shop, no confidence in rain, and have lasted less than 10k. So... what next... lol
  12. Do they have to be steel - not just some cheap tatt off fleabay, pref with legal rubber on?
  13. Wanted to grab some good knowledge, whilst being polite. Went over to the TTOC forum and found one of my query posts deleted; rude. Anyhow, lots of you guys seem to have daily runners, or simply a second car, and many have tried the Audi's. Does anyone have good or bad experience with the 3.2 engine; any exp with the quattro, and anyone has probs with the DSG? Would you steer clear of the DSG? Cheers guys (nice to see the forum still going).
  14. Is that an 05 R32 (guessing near £10k) or the mk4 ? The latter being much cheaper on TAX? Will the R32 not be ragged? Are dirty diesels out of the questions? I'm in a similar boat so watching this thread with great interest.
  15. Good luck; I'd be looking out for lowering springs on ebay (new) or bargin price somewhere. You'll find them and they'll work, as long as they're spec'd for the car; part numbers are easy to check on decent brands.
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