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    just curious really. I would have loved to see a nice big thread on the car but it apart from a couple of posts its practically disappeared. somehow I now don't have the space to put a car in a garage, its now full of washing machines and other domestic rubbish!
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    Hi All, Its been a long time since I have been on here, just thought I would pop in and say hi, and see how many of the old guard remain. Anyone know where my old corrado went to? I see the guy had it up for sale in april last year? Hope everyone is well Ian
  3. Hi. I was wondering if you had the number of the guy you sold your r32 Corrado to. I'm interested in buying it if still for sale. Thanks

  4. Hey Neal, good to see my old motor has been developed to the standard it deserved. It clearly went to the right person. p.s. hello everybody! haven't been on here for about 6 years at least!
  5. no bother mate, fill your boots! by the way I cannot find that mot cert anywhere - I did find it at work after you had been, but it must have been moved? I will see if I can get a duplicate.
  6. 58k mate. when you held the chains up together old against new, you could see the links running off, and god know what it was doing under load, probablies much worse.
  7. I am not too concerned mate. I am treating it all like an enormous service. while the engine is out i have done, chains, thermostat, water pump, senders, all stuff that fails, and all stuff that is a pig to get at when the engine is in the car. i will get there.
  8. well i have done all my chains, there was definate stretch evident, so I have basically eliminated all possible problems with timing. only thing left to try now, are coils, and another ecu!
  9. ignore that last post - the new part is the same as the old one lol what a weird piece of design. that slog in the locked cam sprocket basically means the cam will not time up properly according to the guide. got to be right though. least you dont have to spend a fortune on a sprocket now.
  10. you an me both!!! its cost me a fortune so far this car lol
  11. Inlet off, rocker cover off, undo the bolt remove sprocket, fit new sprocket. sounds easy but its not lol front panel will have to come off to get the inlet off, and so it goes on. Not a major job all things considered. How many miles does your engine have on it? I am writing a letter to audi, as this is a major design flaw. try and hold the revs at 2000rpm in neutral and you will see if its the same problem. the sprocket is 300 quid from audi, and you will need a new stretch bolt with it.
  12. Hey dude, I dare say i know exactly what is wrong with your engine. I have bought an Audi A3 3.2 dsg, and it exhibits the same characteristics. To check that its the same problem as mine put the car in neutral and try and hold the revs at 2000rpm, if its the same issue as mine it will be impossible to hold it at that rpm. basically the fault is with the rear sprocket locking pin, it wears its locating hole, and allows the exhaust cam to sit in a more retard resting position than it should, making the exhaust valves stay open fractionally after the inlet valves have started opening- this is good at high rpm, as the vaccuum pulls the mixture through, but at low rpm where cylinder fill is an issue, then unburnt mixture will just be pouring out the exhaust manifold. the net effect is rough low to mid rpm running, and poor mpgs. I thank you ;) and yes the engine on my new audi that i bought because i was tired of working on cars, is in a million pieces on my garage floor lol the irony is not funny!
  13. Well its the end of an era! Neal came tonight and took the corrado away. Time to relax a little and leaving modding alone for a while. I think i will come back to it at some point though. I will pop back on here from time to time to see how everyone is doing, and maybes even to have a look see what Neal has done with my old car :) Take it easy dudes :salute: Ian
  14. erm, they do indeed breath quite a bit, but they shouldnt collapse? when you plant the throttle it should actually expand as the throttle body is opened and the air rushes in. It will contract when you lift off the throttle. I noticed the 2.8 one did it a hell of a lot more than the 3.2 one.
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