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  1. Got my thermal fuse from here: http://cpc.farnell.com/jsp/endecaSearch ... F01030&N=0 I couldn't log onto the Maplin site and I use this company quite frequently. I have 4 left, so if you want one drop me an email, £2 each. (To cover my costs as CPC charge £5.99 +VAT for small orders) Steve: mailto:[email protected]
  2. Oh, and forgot to mention. Got my thermal fuse from here: http://cpc.farnell.com/jsp/endecaSearch ... F01030&N=0 I couldn't log onto the Maplin site and I use this company quite frequently. I have 4 left, so if you want one drop me an email, £2 each. (To cover my costs as CPC charge £5.99 +VAT for small orders) Steve: mailto:[email protected]
  3. Just a quick thanks to evyone as that's another problem fixed on the car today! Wheel bearing, leaking expansion tank, Down to 38 faults! Best ever!!!
  4. Big thanks for your help Henny (and Dinkus) all back together with no problems so far. I also changed the oil and filter and I think I'll change the oil again in a couple of weeks to give it a good flush. So cheers! and fingers crossed. :thumbleft:
  5. Perhaps he's just a r e a l y s l o w typist! (3 mins!) Thanks for all the advice chaps! Just had a look on the gsf site, is it the purple one? Sorry to be a pain... :oops:
  6. Sounds like a boy band... Can I pick up some suitable stuff from an auto factors? The VW garage is just a little independant place that I have parts dropped off at, and I'm not walking 30 miles to Exeter!
  7. Hi Henny, haven't got the bit yet, should be delivered to a local Vee Dub place tomorrow. Trouble is I've got a first aid course aswell, so won't be able to fit till the eve... :| Ho hum, never mind at least I'll be able to administer first aid to myself after injuring various body parts putting the bloody thing back together!!! So keeping my fingers crossed that I haven't cooked the poor thing... Ooooh, whilst you're there, is there a specific coolant I should use? I seem to remember this being discussed before? (I read more than I post here!) Regards mmj
  8. Yes, I feel some Stainless Steel JCS clips on the way! Yes, it is a 1.8 16v ('89) after trying to remove (which weren't gonna!) siezed allen bolts again... I noticed that there was a engine/gearbox flange bolt, in its path, removed this and out it popped! Thing is, not one, not two, but three large holes...? The whole thing must have been clinging to life by it's finger tips!
  9. Cheers Henny, will do. Just spent last few hours trying to get the thing off... Those little squeeze together clips are ****!!! Horrible little things, that coupled with the siezed allen bolt. Anyhoo, all disconnected now, just have to suss out how get it past the fuel (thingy?) on the end of the block? It doesn't look like the thing you can casually remove? Ref the discount, anyone here use Mann Eggerton in Exeter? The is a dealership in Newton Abbot which is a bit closer, but since being ignorred there 4 years ago, mafe a point of never using them again! Mann Eggerton have always been very helpful.
  10. Hi, my poor car overheated today and have traced the fault to losing all the coolant :shock: The thing has been losing coolant for a while and could see evidence around the top of the gearbox. Well when trying to top up the water, it came out faster than it went in... So at least I found the problem straight away! Anyway, I read the overheating sticky and Henny mentioned the gearbox pipe, I quote: Don't suppose this part has a name or someone can tell me the VW or GSF part number? I just hope I haven't done any real damage... :( Really can't afford this at the mo, and can't earn without the car!!! Thanks in advance! mild mannered janitor
  11. Forgot to mention, VERY skint! So can't afford to replace items to eliminate. TIA
  12. Hi Chaps, haven't posted for a while, been pretty busy. I wonder if you could give me some pointers? My C ('89 1.8 16v) has started playing up, initially the tacho went peculiar (sort of lazy and like the needle had been put on 20 degs anti clockwise) then a slight miss-fire, splutter which has gotten progressively worse? The car ticks over ok, but as soon as you rev it will miss-fire. Could the tacho prob be linked or just coincedence? What's the best order to look at things (bearing in mind I'm not a mechanic - well part one doesn't count!). I changed the plugs, rotor arm, dizzy cap about 2 months ago. PS. I see the site has had a revamp!
  13. Looks like the kind of girl that would stick her neck out for you... :-P
  14. Get yourself a fat bird to balance things up a bit? :mrgreen:
  15. When I had mine replaced (for it's MOT) VW quoted me silly money for pipes (about £180 I think?) so the garage removed them for me and I had some made for about £45 I think, good quality too, the garage had trouble getting one of the ends over the connector (reservoir?) though because the metal braid in the hose made it less flexible. :roll: The connectors used are the expensive bit apparently, they aren't commonly used in the industry. Good luck
  16. Hi Jim, Once again, thanks for the reply, if it is an easy to try fix... where abouts is the valve? We wouldn't have a clue where to even begin looking for it!!! A picture would be fantastic!!! :-P
  17. Thanks for the reply Jim, Would it be this item from German/Swedish... 18226 IDLE CONTROL VALVE G3 2.0 8v MPi 11/91 >9/94 £112.00 Ouch! :shock:
  18. Hi, was wondering if you clever bunch may be able to help with a friends problem. He has a '96 (P plate) Golf 2.0 Litre 8v. The problem is that the engine cuts out when coming to a standstill (say at a set of traffic lights) the engine starts straight away with no problem and runs perfectly well. The clutch isn't dragging, as he has tried knocking the car out of gear before stopping. Any ideas? The car was serviced quite recently and the problem went away temporarily, but has since reappeared. TIA
  19. Is that why some bar steward nicked mine the other day :evil: I'm sure it was whilst I was parked at the scrap yard, getting bits for some one else... :mad: I think that the Beastie boys should pay for production to continue for a few more years...
  20. OK, took wife, kids and dog out today in the van :-P , and took a piccie to show how the cycle carrier looks. Not the missing trailer board... :oops: Bit of a squeeze, but you can actually fit three bikes on it.
  21. Does anyone have a picture of Kev and are a dab hand at photoshop??? :lol:
  22. There are holes already in place which are covered by tape (on mine anyway) but not on the later ones I believe? Have a look at the installation destructions I posted. Needs must my good man! I'm such a trail blazing trend-setter!
  23. Just found their own website - Direct instead of through supplier, even cheaper £92.50! and looks like they can customize too! :D Watling Engineers Ltd And click on sports cars link on the left. Good luck! :wink:
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