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  1. pm 'marcus' he has them on his green g60
  2. mine kept blowing fuses.there was some chafed wire on the drivers seat.it was under the plastic trim on the door side. i think where the seat had been tilted to allow rear access the wire had worn through and was earthing on the subframe.
  3. thats them. there was a set at international with an 895 price tag and a sold sign :crazyeyes:
  4. my early grey cloth ones went for £770 on ebay :D
  5. use a twin pole sender so you can reatain the original warning system. the twin pole sender fits on the oil filter head if you swap the position of the oil pressure and temperature senders oil pressure should be 2 bar at 2000rpm at 80 degrees iirc
  6. my old 2.9 got 211 bhp at stealth with just a ported head/ram filter and a remap
  7. i vowed last year i would never go again but thought i'd give it another go. would have preferred to go sunday but could only go saturday. i'm going to give the edition 38 show a whirl this year but theres definately no more inters for me. not unless they can turn back time and recreate the trl years :roll:
  8. ive just come back from gti international(bit dissappointing really). but the thing that shocked me is i saw an early set of rado cloth recaros sell for £895 :!: :!: probly wont interest anyone but i nearly fell over in shock :cry:
  9. http://www.imagewheels.co.uk/pages/rim_section.html
  10. http://www.imagewheels.co.uk/pages/rim_section.html
  11. try imagewheels.co.uk. they have various sizes available. if you need new chrome or gold bolts they are alot cheaper from ebay.de
  12. alby

    new wheels

    the chromed bolts were about 45 quid inc postage from germany.the cheapest i could find them over here was a pound each. i think the bolts for the 3 piece wheels are more expensive he does gold ones too. his ebay name is 'felgenfuchs'. only took 3 days to arrive :D :thumb right: :thumbleft:
  13. alby

    new wheels

    someone will probably come along with a million reasons not too i expect but i used that brasso wadding stuff.much easier than peek/autosol imo. they are a pain tho keeping them looking like that. new bolts were bought from ebay.de
  14. alby

    new wheels

    little update after a bit of elbow grease before after new centres and sorting the scabby arch are next on the agenda
  15. if you can get hold of them.i waited for 7 weeks for a set and ronal still couldnt give me a delivery date so i got my old rms back instead
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