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  1. Hi all, I'm aware of the issues as is Andi but as Jim says aboove, Toby (the owner) is the only one that currently has the access to fix - I've dropped him a message and we'll do everything we can to safeguard the information and repair the forum.
  2. Just over 14 years and we have an answer :-)
  3. Only took 11 years for the OP to get a reply!!
  4. Low brake fluid... if it appears low and the pads are not worn / due for a change then suspect one of the clutch components is leaking. Look for signs of brake fluid on top of the gearbox (under the clutch slave)
  5. Same... must be a similar age to us and he had a young family from looking at his FB profile :-(
  6. When was it last MOT'd? Does it feel like something is hitting? Maybe worth a trip to KwikFit etc in case a bush has collapsed etc.
  7. Do you have the recall bypass valves still fitted?
  8. Hi all - some sad news and apologies if I've missed a post about it. I just saw on Facebook that it looks like Bally sadly passed away yesterday... Just wondered if anyone knows the circumstances? I never really knew him but met him a number of times at shows and he was one of the original members on this forum and still had his C from what I can see...
  9. http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/bosch-s4-battery-063-4-year-guarantee-34-64-eurocarparts-with-code-2487649 Keep a look out for the discount codes and also look on Carparts4less - paid £33 for one not so long ago...
  10. Assume it wasn't a genuine tank?? unfortunately many of us have had issues with pattern ones, they usually work for a few months though before they fail, not a day :-)
  11. You can buy it as a kit that contains the oil filter.
  12. They'll probably do a better price as well for 4...
  13. The spoiler module is fairly close to where the headlight loom runs... I would check this in case the Earth on that loom has burnt out - this can happen with headlight switch failure and many of us have fitted a fuse on this wire to prevent this happening. Usually it's connecting the speed sensor wire on the stereo that causes the spoiler not to work!
  14. FCA are aware and just found this - http://www.fscs.org.uk/news/2016/july/update-for-customers-of-enterprise-insurance-company-plc/
  15. Just thinking of who I can speak to at work tomorrow about this but I'm sure there should be some insurance or protection in place against this... From my (limited) knowledge though the broker is just an intermediary and the contract is with the insurer but again I'm sure there should be some regulation to stop this sort of thing!
  16. Good stuff although very unusual for an ECU to fail.. I know there was an issues with G60's sometimes blowing the injector drivers if the gearbox earth was missing say after a clutch change so might be worth you checking the various Earth points but I know with the VR6, there is the MK3 style earth points at the front of the head.
  17. Are you sure they've not disengaged it by pulling the knob out?? I'd take it back to them if it is broken - the mech was over £700 when last available from VW!
  18. Well worth the drive to Stealth as they have the proper kit and know the cars well... really not far from Brum at all.
  19. I have a brand new genuine non-abs one if needed...
  20. Might just be air Jim from the rebuilt - VR6's hold a lot of coolant and it might take a bit of time to move the air out of the system... you may have to top up an cm or 2 when it does.
  21. Have you tried the ECU relay or ignition switch yet?
  22. Might be fuse 14 actually... I maybe thinking of a relay that's not in the fusebox or a fuse that is mounted above... These cars are different though depending on model year so best to look in the instruction manual. Also have a look at this thread - http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?44377-Is-my-thinking-right-with-blowing-window-fuse&highlight=electric+window+fuse
  23. It's randomly not in the main fuse box but just above it (I think! - been a while)
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