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  1. If you want a good site for everything trackday, you could do worse than OpenPitLane It's free to join and there's a very useful calendar of trackdays organised by the major players. All sorts of other useful stuff on there too.
  2. Were such a model to actually exist, would you have a view on when it might make an appearance in Reading? 8)
  3. No problem mate - I could even drop it in to work if you're there next week - the Porka needs some bits :)
  4. What a bummer, Rog - feel for you :( I have a good headlight unit (reflector is also good) you are welcome to for free.
  5. Agree with ZippyVR6, that was a well-sorted motor. Bad luck chap, sorry to hear of another VR biting the dust for what is basically light cosmetic damage. :( If you do decide to fix it up, these chaps can inspect it & get the Cat D taken off - just something to bear in mind :)
  6. I'm another hacked off customer of JIMMI - bought 2 items off him, he sent one and has broken 3 promises to send the second item. He's had my money for months now & hasn't picked up a PM I sent 5 weeks ago. AVOID DEALING WITH JIMMI
  7. I've got grooved & drilled Black Diamonds on the front of my Storm and have had them before on a MKII GTI & MKIII VR6 - never had a problem with any of them. Saw over 80K miles on the MKIII & there was still a bit of life left in them. I find the grooves give you a nice bit of feedback through the pedal (particularly in the wet), but on a "grooves only" set I found the whirring under braking more noticable than with the grooved & drilled ones on the GTI. Interestingly, my Porsche 911 has drilled disks all round & no grooves - can't complain about the brakes :D The amount of brake dust is unbelievable though - 100 miles of B-road fun & the wheels are covered in it :(
  8. Black Diamond disks are excellent IME - have been using them on all my VW's for 10 years now. Don't rate their pads too much, much prefer Pagid Fast Road or EBC Green Stuff.
  9. If they say it's wrong, then it almost certainly is. IME, if it's a Clifford & giving trouble, the SG boys will get it fixed. I have no idea where they've put all the gubbins in mine, it's such a tidy job there's simply no clue! Good luck getting it sorted :)
  10. If you can make it as far south as High Wycombe, I can't recommend The Sound Gallery highly enough. They've fitted 4 alarms (2 of them Cliffords) on various cars for me over the last 10 years and their workmanship & attention to detail is superb. They quote a price & stick to it even if, as with my Corrado, it takes over 5 hours to get it working perfectly. 01494 464670
  11. Sure did - the lacquer the put over the top is pretty durable too. In fact, my wheels are now surplus to requirements, so if you are interested in a bolt-on solution (complete with practically new Goodyear F1 215/40 tyres) PM me.
  12. I used Wicked Wheels (0800 0439334) for my 16" BBS Anni rims - they did a brilliant job that has survived being outside all winter. Not cheap at £100/wheel but quality is never cheap!
  13. Try http://www.daytonacoachworx.co.uk/ - they do lovely work.
  14. Robert Dyas stores sell something called Kilrock - it's a small plastic box that you fill with the supplied crystals & it draws all the water out of the air. Costs about a fiver & lasts for ages in a car. I use it when I store my Corrado outside under a Tyvec cover over the winter. No mould or water is ever visible in the car, even after 5 months.
  15. I've got the Road Angel Plus and it's a brilliant bit of kit IMHO. I just run it off the internal battery, so no wires. Battery life is easily 8 hours. It has motion detection too, so that it switches itself off after 10 minutes of no movement. Get in the car & before you've even fired up the engine the RA turns itself on - brilliant! Updates are a doddle & very fast as it uses USB. Will also charge off the USB or the car fag lighter adapter. Big plus for me is that it's easy to move between vehicles. Locks onto the satellites faster than any of the others I've tried over the years.
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