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  1. Cheers guys, walesy it was indeed that one on pistonheads.
  2. Was thinking about going to see a late (95) 2.0 8v, but from the pic it looks like it has no sunroof? I thought all the late ones had them? Im a bit worried it may have been reshelled or something as bad.
  3. They would fit fine mate, nice price! Where from if you dont mind?
  4. I believe its actually never had an engine returned due to VTEC failure. Still its an impressive record for honda.
  5. The plate changes used to affect the number of owners for sure, but the dvla dont do that anymore. I know this because tyler knows this...
  6. Merc have really lost their way, what has happened to pride? One of my mates dads brought a s320 diesel which will not stop wearing its tyres unevenly. they only seem to last about 4-5k before the edges are gone! Not bad for a near on 60k car hey....
  7. I saw this, guy appears to be a trader. If it was yours you would advertise the fact that it has recaro's big time.
  8. Bc student, is the pump return valve the same as the pressure accumilator?
  9. Steve, please unless its a last resort dont buy these. I had a set on my c and they only lasted about 7-8 thousand miles until they were scrap.. Dreadfull ride as well. I now have fk's fitted which are a million times better.
  10. The 16v box should bolt up along with the flywheel and clutch assembly, one thing I have been having trouble finding out about is using the kjet fueling system. Anyone got any info?
  11. Ok guys, Bidded for a car which I won, I had not seen the car but asked the seller about it and also asked if it was hpi clear to which the reply was yes. However its not. Its been recorded as a cat C during the present owners ownership. So the question really is what to do? I have not told the seller yet that I know, should I report this to ebay? Im basically asking you guys what you think the correct procedure should be?
  12. Thought you were the guy who sells r32's must have been someone else. Hope the info helps.
  13. Paul are these prices plus delivery as well mate?
  14. Jim getting the cambelt done in the same day means less grief organising another day to go there right? If it due in 4000 miles i very much doubt they are going to say its ok, What about the repercussions if it snaps? A cam belt doeant have to look bad to snap... Also what about the labour to strip it and inspect it?
  15. are you not a car dealer anyway? Anyway, glasses PX price, assuming its a coupe and a 2001 51 is £11700.
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