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  1. im lovin your rims.. could you put a name to them for me? just purchased my first g60 need some mod ideas

  2. Hi all, hav'nt been on for a while, been busy moving house, working stupid hrs to keep my job, 5yr old, "interesting" times at home...blah blah blah. Also been doing quite a few track days and been really enjoying working at the garage. Not paid but its great after the day job. Anyway, can't wait to catch up, have really missed everyone :-(. now i'm back online as i've had no internet at home for months and forums are banned at the orifice :gag: Anyway, finaly back in a 2.9vr although im sorry to say its not a C :dorky: couldnt find one i was happy with with the cash i had so its a mk2. It was completely rust free and increadibly original, still having the 15" bbs etc! Having got the track day bug pretty bad its being "adjusted" from its very original form to suit as follows: part stripped to 890kg :) she's even got manual windows lol bmc Med Top Mounts TS Rear Brace KW's 26/29mm ARBs! Brembos with yellow stuff pads just put some 15" Pro Races on tonight - some picks below NEXT Bye bye cat and standard 8v exhaust :shock: :shock: yep! Off to Vince for some mocal action RR 3 weeks ago 210/192 picks and apologies its not a C :(passat climatronic wiring diags.pdfIMG_1731.jpg[/attachment:2g3ov9qy]
  3. I still love the speedlines i once had on mine from the vento cup series. Ultimate oe upgrade imo. Infact I love them so much i've bagged a 2nd set off the bay, can't beleive nobody spotted em on a vento that was being broken. I just have no car to put them on :(
  4. Glad your going charged mate you will love it!! I put my charger on at 135,000 miles and it loved it with NO aquamist or anything. I have since had the head clutch and chains done at Stealth which upped things from 279 to over 292hp. I then fitted the Aquamist, but due to a wiring discrepency :lol: my aquamist pump is no longer with us, but ive been enjoying some serious driving in mine recently and all is good. I may be able to help with some of your pipework from what ive bought and not used. PM your mobile and ill give you a shout. and to 3rd whats been said, 8psi mate. then if you get stuck with that fuel thingy there's a lot of good map knowledge around for 8 psi. My current map is insanly good, its impossible to fault and imo better than it was standard. i would fit an AFR gauge if your going to rely on some fuel device rather than a map btw, head gasket is a pain but not expensive in the scheme of things, melted pistons are though :-( i dont mind being on call as im sure Mr Cheese also doesnt when your fitting it 8)
  5. A lovely car, very tastful. Absolutely gutted for you bud :-( What was the an.s face's reaction to what he'd done then????
  6. Andy, don't know what to say mate, gutted! Allways been one of my favourite C's from the first day i signed on here. Give me a shout if you want that amp still :-O still here waiting if your scallying again this yr lol?? Chin up, try something different, get it out of your system, then buy another C! Your not that old either mate, but i know what you mean, my back groans getting in and out these days!! If you wanna do Mulvern/Inters or E38 im more than happy to pick you up btw.
  7. i had an avx1, awsome peice of kit. screen quality was psp clear and watchable even being so small. Thought the buttons felt a little tacky though. However the avx 2 seems much better made and loads more features and you can get for 294 on line now from newimagecarhifi.co.uk and id recommend them too. havnt seen the avx33 though?
  8. Mine ran a 15.07 at inters pre-charger with just a BBTB, zorst and filter. Its really hard to hit 60 in second, i kept missing out on that by abt 50rpm :-( Great buz though mate, even if you run 17s you'll still be grinning for a month
  9. I'd be happy to give up a weekend to give you a hand, but your a fair old way off. Its all doable at home and in theory easily in a less than a day. BUT as Jim said that is a list of jobs most likely to have complications, so you need to be prepared for the car to be off the road for up to a week to get bits that break, or already have them. I work in a garage sat mornings, its just a shame your so far away, particularly if it does all go up the swannington :-( pm me if you want my mobi if you do take it on and get really stuck :-)
  10. i think youve done more than slightly well there bud!! oh and mines on 140k now ont eh original clutch/chains/head lol and its blown, but hasnt blown yet lol. am think of getting the big 3 done soon though. bottom end can wait another 100k ;-)
  11. Firstly, lovely VR all round Caz, really nice car. and as for the grid, ffs!! Have to be honest that would be my worst nightmare out with our little one, allways plays on my mind. Sounds like you got by and kept spirits up though and glad you all survived intact! I hope the bill is huge, well if the council end up offering to pay it! legally they should though i believe. My wife worked for the AA, and does'nt now (through choice) nuff said!!
  12. fing tw.ts. You know i reckon i could beat that amazing feat of coolness and skill. Put your car on a hill without the handbrake (parking brake) on and leave it out of gear, i think it would move by its self, it just could work you know. Don't reckon its an american thing, you get tw.ts like that anywhere its just human nature. Only difference is when you slag them off over here you get a stanley knife, over there you get busted with a 9 homey. bunch of ga.s
  13. Look at the 3rd picture.............. looks like he left a 16v inlet mani on the bonnet when he sprayed it by accident lol!
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