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  1. All done in less than half an hour! £180 (+Vat) Car key centre, based in Glasgow did it. http://www.carkeycentre.co.uk/ Another company quoted me £320, so pays to shop about.... The key from VW apparently costs £113 + Vat. So the dealership were making an extra £50, and then charging you another £50 to program it. Extortion really! Cheers guys, David
  2. Unfortunately not :0( Did check bank, house, car, and AA cover! Waiting on guy coming out now. Hopefully sorted soon....
  3. Thanks guys, Still haven't found the key! Search and searched for hours. The bugger is we will find it after forking out loads of cash. Made a bit of progress today however. Phoned dealership, they wanted £200 for the key, it would take up to 2 weeks to come, then they would need to program it for another £50, and we would have to get the car to the dealership - i.e. arrange a flatbed truck to uplift.. so maybe another £100? However phoned around a few places, have found a company in town that will come out tomorrow in a van, do it all for £180. Will let you know how I get on. David
  4. Guys, Complete numpty that I am, appear to have lost the one and only key for our VW Passat :0( Need to phone the stealership tomorrow, but I suspect the issue will be that I need to take the car to them, and of course cannot do that without a key, or will need to get it recovered (=£££) The key is one of those ones you put into the dashboard to start the car, car is a 2011 plate. Anybody used an auto locksmith in the Glasgow area? Is it possible to do this without VW? Any info appreciate, thought if anybody knew it would be you lot :0) David
  5. * CAR NOW SOLD * Thank you for interest guys, and wishing you all a Happy New Year when it comes tonight. 2 owners from new Tax and M.O.T. til May Engine starts first time, and pulls well. Has been fantastic family car. Selling as we are getting a newer one and has to go to make room on the drive. 202158 miles - nearly all of this done cruising on motorway A few scratches and scrapes, bit of rust around rear badge, see photos. Still a lot of car, bargain! Is listed elsewhere. Cheers, Dave
  6. I know, it will break my heart when it goes. It was always going to be a long term project, I just don't have the spare cash or time to do it.

    I have 4 guys who are interested in buying it as is at the mo, as a project car. So I think I will be OK, would rather not break it as I don't have the space to do that, and I'm not sure how the neighbours would view it!





  7. hi mate.your car is looking a bit sad just now.i would have bought it if i had space to store it as i need a few parts in satin silver most imnprtantly a drivers door and rear bumper.see how you get on mate but if you decide to scrap it i would be willing to buy them off you if they are in better nick than mine which they look to be.cheers mate.

  8. 2.0 16v | Silver | Glasgow Price: £450 Description: Project car, or car for breaking - but sold as whole. I just don't have the time and money to do anything with it at the moment with family & work commitments. :0( Will accept sensible offers Good News:- Car has 5 months tax and 5 months MOT left on it I have some good body panels with no rust in green to go with the car - a bonnet, boot with window and spoiler, left wing and rear slam panel to replace the bit where the badge goes. (cost me around £100 for the lot) Lupo wipers have been done Sunroof and rear spoiler still work Has newer alloys that cost a couple of hundred a few years back Engine still pulls well despite milage Only a couple of previous owners (my mother in-law for the large majority of its life - not thrashed!) Late car - 1995 Battery replaced less than 6 months ago Starts first time every time Tyres OK Not so good news:- 185K miles on clock Very noisey power steering, possibly about to go Biggest thing is that body work needs doing, rust on several panels as you can see from photos - hence parts above included (Sorry had to delete thread as couldn't see a way of adding photos to a closed thread.) Oh and if you think this is a complete lost cause and I would be better cutting my losses with a scrappy please let me know!
  9. Done, Thankyou! Bit tricky getting the pin out, used a different screw to get it. But even with that, took 10mins tops.
  10. I guess that having Audi VW group means that it makes sense to use a Corrado/Quattro under the Audi name and the Sirroco under the VW name, so that they don't compete against each other. On the other hand the pricing of this makes it no where near a Sirroco!
  11. Once I put in the new ISV, found that the throttle was set too high. Probably to compensate at idle. Now reduced, and looks bang on the switch
  12. sorted! Fitted ISV from easypops, started 1st time no throttle. Running much better. Thankyou all for help
  13. Thankyou easypops, and also to everyone else. My wee local garage didn't even know what it was!
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