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  1. Almost works, just the bumpers make it look 'pinched' Maybe a early shape rado would have worked better
  2. This chaps good... http://www.liquidmetalrefinement.co.uk/ not near portsmouth through.
  3. I think the comments on youtube say it all... e.g. "You have got something stcuk to the front of your car mate, just incase you didnt notice!" and "completely ruined a brilliant car. fu*king idiot"
  4. A friend of mine used to have one.... genuinely scary cars (and not in a good way) body felt like it was no more than a few sheets of tin foil
  5. Doesnt it invalidate your insurance if your driving license isnt up to date? e.g wrong address
  6. Wouldnt this thread benefit from a poll?!
  7. Yea, not sure if you can see from that photo, but theyd put a line through the word 'turbo' and stuck on a supercharged badge...
  8. Yup, had the same problem myself. It was a 2 man job to get off. Loads of WD40 on it then its worth putting a socket on it and givin it a few good bashes with a hammer to see if that frees it, failing that..... One person needs to literally get into the passenger footwell and feel for the other side of the bolt, its got a really thin hex nut on it which is right upagainst the blukhead, you will need to clamp it with an adjustable spanner or summet while the other person slowly turns the nut thats in the engine bay. Its a real pain case the nut in the footwell is extremely difficult to get good grip on. Best of luck!
  9. Yup, quick pull and they should pop out. The they just click back in
  10. Maybe if you remove the stereo cage as well you could get your hand down to unhook the bowden cables. But the bowden cables are very tricky to unhook, plus try are held down by clips (which I almost lost a fingernail to while trying to detach!).
  11. The problem I had is that there wasnt enough length in the bowden cables to get it far enough out to detach them. I couldnt unhook them with out taking the centre console out
  12. Yup, no amount of twisting or wriggling will get it out without removing the centre console. As herisites says its farily easy, but you will need a stubby or bending screwdriver to get to the vertical screw that is just to the left of the clock pop surround
  13. how about this one: http://www.eastsidevw.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5358&highlight= Its not the styling, just not a fan of the car itself, seems to have lost its soul.
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