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  1. Absolutely loving watching all the inspired fabrication on this project. Only suggestion I
  2. Long time no see mate... all looks very promising... can't wait to hear what power you get.
  3. So fitting NO2 nigates the need for an intercooler / charge cooler etc? What are the costs of driving a car with NO2 fitted?
  4. So im lead to believe... did stealth provide the parts and / or just the labour.. how much if you don't mind me asking.
  5. just adding some boost - if i can get all the parts i need over next few weeks Are we talking super charger or turbo? really nice ride tho wish i'd waited for a black one now... who did your gearbox work?
  6. Care to share the plans with the rest of the group?
  7. I'll stick it on VAG COM if your passing through bristol anytime soon.... Soon tell if its cam sensor.
  8. I've got 312mm currently have 17" wheels but would like to fit 16" design 90's... anyone know of this setup being used by anyone?
  9. Just to clarify... The brakes are Audi TT 312mm and i want to fit 16" porsche design 90's. Plus are design 90's heavy wheels?
  10. Porsche Design 90 Question Will they fit over 312mm brakes? Has anyone got this setup?
  11. Dixxy

    Tuning a VR

    Cheers GVK... sound very cool... looks like my gearbox is coming out then.
  12. Dixxy

    Tuning a VR

    Well i've got to do the clutch anyway... once gear box is out is changing FD simple? Where would you get a 3.68 FD from? Could you still pull 60 in second after changing FD? How about the 3.94 FD... 60 in 2nd still? Was thinking about lighten fly wheel.. are these worth installing?
  13. Dixxy

    Tuning a VR

    Forgive my ignorance but how do you go about changing your FD?
  14. You could get some head work... mines ported and polished with bigger valves.. Think my cars making 225 ish
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