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  1. Excellent information, thanks hombre_paulo and kevhaywire, its much appreciated! I'll get hold of a new sensor and give it a go...will I need to remove any other engine bits to get it out? OK, I could go look myself but the lights going and its wet n cold out! :)
  2. Found them. Removed the yellow and it made no difference. Removed the black one and it stopped the fan. So assuming the black one only triggers fan speed 3 I should be able to drive around slowly with that disconnected (at this time of year)? The sensor on the black plug looks like it goes into the radiator hose where it leave the engine block. How much work is it to change the sensor and what is the proper name of that sensor? Do I just ask for a fan controller speed 3? (at GSF) What does the blue plug between the yellow and black ones do?
  3. Thanks for the replies. I would say the speed is "Stuka" cos it sounds like a dive bomber, so I guess that is a 3. Where is the yellow temp sender?
  4. The radiator fans on my M reg VR6 won't stop. They start as soon as I start the engine and just keep going. I've changed the radiator thermo switch (see http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?53962-Changing-the-radiator-thermo-switch-on-a-VR6 ) but it's made no difference. Anyone got any ideas? Cheers!
  5. Finally got it out by cutting enough of the plastic part away with a hacksaw that I could get a 1 1/8 inch socket over it and unscrew it.
  6. Still can't get to it, I'm now looking for a box spanner (28mm I think) as there should be enough room for the width of that, though might have saw the end off to make it short enough to be able to get it on. Can't use a socket cos of the length of the plastic bit on the end. Edit - it actually seems to be a 1 1/8 inch (1.125) nut, 29mm might also work.
  7. Hi, I have to fit a new radiator fan switch to my M reg VR6. I've got the new switch, I've found where it goes at the bottom of the radiator...how do I get the old one out?! I've taken the battery out but there isn't room to get an adjustable wrench around the switch. How did anyone else do it? The nut part of the switch would fit a 28mm spanner.
  8. Thanks joebloggs, unfortunately I seem to have a "late model" version so there was no hole at the back of the split pin. Still, done it! :) Used a hacksaw and chisel to hack away bits of the broken part, exposing the pin which I could then slide out by pushing it with a screwdriver (using a groove I put into it with the hacksaw, oops). The new part slid in with no trouble and the handle's back in the door and working again. Only spilt blood once doing it :)
  9. OK, door card out and handle cable plug undone, so I can now get the handle fully out of he car. Problem is now getting that pin out. I've tried tapping out the back of the casting (I have a late model) which hasn't worked. I've tried screwing the screws into the pin but its just stripped the threads off all the screws. Used a 2.5mm drill to try and spin/loosen the pin but it won't move. Anyone tried drilling the pin out completely and buying a new pin for it?
  10. My new handle part has arrived, thanks Dave. Nice looking bit of metal :) I can't fit it though as I could only just get the handle a little bit out of the door before it was stopped by the cable. After fighting the little cable clip inside the door for an hour I manage to pull that clip out, only to find it gave me only another cm of cable to play with and the handle mechanism doesn't even clear the hole in the door. Anyone got any advice please?
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