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  1. Hi. I appear to have a loose driveshaft vibration damper (on my 8v) and from looking at other threads / forums the opinion seems to be to just cut it off and be done with it. Is it a 'girl with a hacksaw' type job or should I rope my husband into to the task? Or pay the local garage??? It certainly entertained a few people at Tamworth services on Saturday as I was crawling under the car with a camera. :)
  2. I opened the garage and remembered I own another Corrado :) Tatton tomorrow, Harewood next Sunday. See you all there. Apologies in advance for forgetting your name
  3. standard VR6 Solitudes, refurbished, used 1 show season (3 shows!) I have too many Solitudes. This set of 4 were my show wheels for 2013. They have done no more than 500 miles since being refurbished by The Wheel Specialist (Garforth Leeds). I'm only looking to recoup the refurbishment cost so 200 for 4... or if business is slow I would think about selling in pairs for 100. Individual photos, front & back, available if required. Preferably collection or local delivery (cash on collection/delivery)... but happy to package for courier arranged by and cost to buyer (and payment in advance) List Date: 8/29/2014 Location: South Yorkshire, United Kingdom For more info, click here to view the original listing: standard VR6 Solitudes, refurbished, used 1 show season (3 shows!) -------------------------------------- SOLD -------------------------------------- Mobile friendly version: standard VR6 Solitudes, refurbished, used 1 show season (3 shows!) Go Mobile: Download the free Panjo iOS app now!
  4. It was a great weekend though sorry I was a 'little' tired and not very talkative. Thanks to everyone who came for a curry or stayed over and brought beer/wine & chocolate :) I was pleasantly surprised to get a top 10 placing (change of competition .. gone the 10 top, no particular category, route) and congratulations to Goldie for his trophy too. I was so tired on Monday evening after putting the Storm away I left my 8v unlocked on the drive. Woke to find the drivers door semi open, seats somewhat wet, glove box contents in the foot well and ashtray pulled open. On locking the car I found that the boot had also been opened and left just resting shut, not closed. Thankfully no-one wants an old CD/stereo so that wasn't ripped out and pink fluffy dice or snow shovels are not desirable either!
  5. Got mine today. Wonderful stuff many thanks. And 're what do I think about the texture etc... It's as expected as I saw a brand new one snapped up off eBay a few years back so know what they were like brand new.... And it wasn't me that snapped it up off eBay but someone 'close' to me :-D
  6. Does that postage cost cover the packaging required? I hope you are not selling yourself short. £35 internet banked just now, to include postage. I'm too impatient to wait :-) If you need more for a box and bubble wrap let me know Many many thanks Jude
  7. In for a penny in for a Euro. New horn cap for me too please. Many thanks
  8. I was thinking the same Jim. Also happy to hold on for a while. Certainly until we either get a response from him or ask a friend to help make contact ( by phone to see if Pete is on holiday, sacked, other issues??)
  9. I would like one of these if there are enough due to some people now dropping out. Pm sent and cash ready.
  10. A buyer did ask about an item for sale and the photo being used and got a weird reply Q - Is the wiper stork off this car as I know it wins many concours shows and if so the condition of the wiper stork will be excellent. If it's not off this car please can I have a picture of it added to the ad. A - no the wiper stork is a new one i brought for my car but sold it, i purchased it from vw and no this is not my car DO NOT PUBLISH THIS PHOTO THE GUY WHO OWNS THIS CAR HAS GONE OFF ON ONE SO PLEASE DO NOT OK THANKS If I had really wanted to buy it I would have wanted a pic of exactly what it was I was bidding on and even after asking I didn't get one.
  11. Arranging meets further north - it's not easy arranging things in places you do not know. The club used to have regional hosts but guess what? No one wanted to fill the posts. As a club 'we' have said over and over that support and funds can be made available if someone wants to arrange a meet. I'm not aware of any requests made. What's that quote? Ask not what the club can do for you but what you can do for the club? There's plenty been trying hard for the last few years and in need of stepping down and new blood/ideas stepping up.
  12. wow, 1 week ago.. where has the time gone (and that counts for 2013 as a whole).. Any news :)
  13. helloooo.... pic sent. See I am still around :)
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