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  1. ipk

    G60 performance

    if you want a different gear box, you could try the golf 4-motion 6 speed unit. i have it on good authority that its a direct fit (but does need a little modification), plus will take more power than the standard g60 unit. need to do my suspension bushes first cos mine are wrecked and won't pass the mot :cry:
  2. sorry i missed you at inters, as soon as you get any news on the ic kit i am very interested! have you been able to take the car out for a good drive yet?? interested to know the results :lol: plus do you do the oil coolers as well??
  3. ipk

    golf mk3 gti stalks

    cheers for that, i've already wrecked the original stalk, and a mk3 indicator!! i'll have another go when i'm not falling asleep! (i had a long drive after inters, long story!!)
  4. ipk

    golf mk3 gti stalks

    has anyone tried fitting the above mentioned stalks in place of the original mk2 golf style ones? i got a set cheap at inters, had a look and the mfa wiring is a little different i.e. the mk3 stalk has a short cable and a plug while the corrado one disappears into the dash. plus will all the other functions work? a friend has fitted a mk3 dash in a mk2, and it works in there.
  5. ipk

    How much boost?

    i believe that there is a limiter in the ecu that stops the engine taking more than 1 bar boost. but don't quote me. not sure what needs to changed to allow higher boost. someone will probably correct me tho!! :oops:
  6. i want that kit!! please, pretty please
  7. whats the cut of for having to legally have a cat fitted? i thought it was 1st jan 93, but julesz is running an aug 92 car and says he needs one (mines dec 92). what kinda trouble am i gonna be in for running a de-cat car?
  8. i would just like to say a big thankyou to barrie and bilal for the sns chip and 3.5bar fpr i now have fitted to the rado. the car is a different beast now, the acceleration is so smooth all the way up the rev range. everyone who has had a drive agrees that there is a improvement in performance over the original jabba chip i had fitted. can't wait now to have some fun with tt's, type r's, etc. :lol:
  9. ipk

    b&m sports shifters

    the new bushes are loosening up now, i think that was what was causing the problem. will centre it properly once the springs are capable of centreing the gear shift. thanks for the help!
  10. ipk

    b&m sports shifters

    i have now fitted the b&m shifter in the corrado, and it has reduced the throw to a lovely level! :lol: the only problem i have is that its very stiff, and doesn't self centre and is a pain to put into gear. will this improve with time, as the bushes wear in a bit? :?: going from second to third can be tricky.
  11. fitted passat rear door handles for the delocked look, thought about the tvr stylee but just didn't have the time. how difficult is a solenoid kit for the boot?
  12. on recent cold mornings the car seems a little reluctant to start. everything turns over ok, but doesn't want to turn over. then it fires into life and its ok, the plugs, leads, etc were all changed with the charger rebuild back in september/october time so i don't think it can be them. the car is fine if its been warm, ie after work. :?:
  13. just been in touch with a porsche parts supplier, ordering the fpr tomorrow! £38 +vat. might arrive in time for the meet unfortunately :oops:
  14. interesting, thanks for the replies much food for thought there. i have found that i can buy a new vr rad for about £87, but the rallye one is nearer £150. decisions decisions
  15. cheers, they weren;t lieing to me :lol:
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