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  1. Did you see that green mk1 vr6 at gti festival......man what a car!, does anyone know what his best quarter mile was and i heard thats the old awesome gti car?
  2. As some of you may know my corrado was vandalised some time ago and the insurance are still dealing with the claim. I was thinking of a new project if i dont carry on with the C, how about a mk1 scirocco 20vt. Does anyone know how difficult this is to do?, do you have to modify chassis legs to accomodate the subframe type engine etc etc.
  3. After the heartache with my Corrado being vandalised i have bought my self a runaround mk2 golf GTi, picked the car up for £300 taxed & tested. There are no mods other than a rear back box which i am going to change to standard, the front end has been poly bushed i was wondering is this considered as a modification or upgrade as i need to insure the car today.
  4. thanks for all your support guys, i felt shit all day today couldn't bear to look at the thing, my car is a J 91 G60, completely standard i was working out what it would cost in repair the roof has got one dent near the sunroof and pretty much all the panels have been kicked or somthing, the way i see it the car will need a respray costs may exeed 1500, i told my insurance company value of car was 3k but that was two years ago. I don't want to claim as trying to sell a written off car once repiared isnt easy and besides insurance i doubt will pay me much for a car of its age.
  5. Left my car at my brothers yesterday whilst we went out for the day, didnt think it would be the worst move ever. we got back for around 8:30 ish me thinkin i'll go for a quick spin before i go home only when we turned the corner my heart sunk some bastards have ruined my car all the glass has been smashed and they must have thrown bricks or somthing at it as every panel is dented i'm so fuckin gutted as i was so looking forward to this summer what do i do now the car will need a whole repaint and i dont want to think what the glass will cost i know if i claim off my insurance they will write my car off and i dont want that. Help me
  6. Just wanting to know if any of you have seen any bored out 1.8t. I have a vr6 which is very tired. I was thinking of doing the 20v conversion but bore it out to 2.2 if its doable.
  7. Blue_Joe, The car was smashed from behind whilst parked, its pretty bad from the rear up to the quarters, i wouldn't trust suspension from a car hit that bad
  8. Hi all need some advice on the way forward. My 52k vr6 was smashed from behind a month ago and this car was stunning pre accident also i bought a black g60 over 6mths ago for 1700 pound and was going to sell this on the car has excellent body but the engine is average conditon i never really got round to advertising it as the condition of the body alone makes me want to keep it i've had all the brakes re furbed new pads discs etc. My vr has been written off and i will be buying the car back from the insurance. I want to put the VR6 engine into the G60 but they are five stud which will mean converting front and rear suspension. Is it possible to fit the engine without changing the suspension?. I have seen some golfs with vr6 engines and they are 4 stud and from what i know corrado is based on golf mk2. Is this possible?
  9. cant find the damn page on the ed38 forum, it wasnt a new topic and there was a pic of one of them it was yellow with weird kit and looked a rite dog.
  10. Just reading a discussion on another forum and it appears there was once the 'Corrado Special' only two ever made and one was a 4x4 16v g60 from the factory. Is this just a myth??
  11. The oem look is just timeless
  12. One of my mates hired a 6 series bmw for the weekend, we went to collect this on thurs night i just started chattin to the hire rep and asked him what the deal was with the unlimited mileage policy and also do the cars sell for alot cheaper when it comes to selling . He didnt really want to say but ended up lettin it slip, he said that all cars are are sold after 2-3 years and are still average mileage?, i didn't know what he was onabout, the way i see it hire cars are more or less on the road all time. He then explained that alot of hire companies buy a car virtually brand new say 3-4k miles the cars are let but when the service is due they clock back to show the car has only done a few thousand miles, this procedure is repeated for up until the car is auctioned off, what your're left with is a car with full service history which all adds up same as the clock but a heck of alot miles in reality.......i was fookin shocked at the things that go on out there.....
  13. Firstly i wanted to know on the FK kits are g60 and vr6 the same apart form spring strengh , yes we did compare the two and they look the same so im thinking has the supplier gave me wrong ones for my G60 or are my mates wrong that he bought for his vr a month ago.
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