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  1. I have my genuine VSR manifold setup for sale. It consists of: - Manifold - Vaccum assembly - Genuine VW ECU chip (for engines with distributor) - Unichip unit (for engines with coilpack) - Flexible air intake pipe - Documentation This was a great setup on my Corrado which I only removed when I sold the car. £1300 delivered (will be going on ebay next week).
  2. £1350 posted. Includes everything you need except 2 gaskets (throttle body and manifold).
  3. Gazman

    VW Motorsport VSR

    VR6 history; must remember to put that in the For Sale post :)
  4. I have a single Solitude wheel (with tyre) if it's any use.
  5. Gazman

    VW Motorsport VSR

    Hi, I am Supercharged brother-in-law :-s I do have a VSR for sale. Let me know if your are interested as I'm keen to get clear some space in the garage. Gary
  6. Hi, I have a genuine VW VSR manifold setup for sale if you're interested? Gary
  7. Thanks for all your comments - certainly a range of opinions there. I must admit that i've managed to carry most things in the boot and it does not appear small compared to most cars. The other concern is the 3 doors. I have watched several mums/dads getting theirs kids in/out of their cars (no - I'm not a perv), and those with 3 doors do seem to struggle more, especially when there are no parent/child parking bays. A final issue I have is my grandparents. They actually like the C when we take them out in it (where would baby go?). The difficulty comes when they attempt to get out of it, particulary my poor grandad who goes in the back seat! I think practicality may be the end of C ownership for me :( I have really enjoyed it, and so has Claire, but as Walesy said "priorities change". Andy (CazzaVR) - want to buy one of your many old C's back again?
  8. Cheers for the replies. Congratualtions to you too Walsey. My thinking at the moment is that its not really practical as the main car (especially as we'll probably get a fairly large pram/pushchair system). The question is can we afford to keep it as a second car and get a bigger main car - I doubt it :( Our other car at the moment is an old Polo, but it still runs really well (especially since SuperCharged changed the head gasket a while ago). I wouldnt mind keeping this as my work commuter as its very economical. The other question is would anyone buy the C. It has some front damage (bent wing and different bonnet) after a lorry rolled backwards at a junction, and having just completed 269K miles will put many people off.
  9. We are expecting our first child in february next year. Currently our main car is the Corrado (VR6). Does anyone have experience of newborn/young children and their C? I'm trying to decide whether to keep the C or buy a 'family friendly' car. I would be interested in hearing from other peoples experience.
  10. I assume thats mine your talking about there SuperCharged. I'll check tonight, but I think it's just gone over 268K now. Still considering selling it - so maybe I can use this as a unqiue selling point!
  11. Well over 250k and still going strong.
  12. Replaced my radiator fan after the old one seized. Also replaced the fuse which had blown (the one in the engine bay). Unfortunately the new fan is not coming on. I suspect that this is due to some wiring rather than the fan itself, so I would like to check the voltages at the connector that plugs directly into the back of the fan. Can anyone tell me what voltages to expect on which connector pins (and when)? Any help much appreciated.
  13. I've got one of the internally bored/polished TBs from the guy off ebay (Micha I think) for sale if your interested. £80
  14. There does seem to be a lot of double standards about. Morality seems to have almost vanished these days. How can someone really justify abusing using disabled spaces etc because they are worried about car dents. There are people out there who really need those spaces, and potentially their day is many times more f**ked because they cant get a viable space than a fully abled people getting a dent in their car. The best thing I saw was a young chav parking in a disabled space in Tesco's. A lady in a wheel chair was going past and saw this, so she gave the guy some verbal. There was loads of people around some everyone was looking. The guy looked very embarassed, got back in his car and drove off (out of the carpark completely). Surely this is what people parking in disabled spaces deserve.
  15. Well this all seems far-fetched to me, but surely this is always the way when people try to push the boundaries of science etc. Regardless of whether this turns out to be complete tosh or the best discovery ever, we need people to question existing theories and prove/explain the (previously thought to be) impossible. Without pushing ideas we would be nowhere. All I will say is whatever you are doing Potatonet make sure you do it without blowing yourself to pieces.
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