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  1. Take the arch liner off probably the easiest way to fix it
  2. 13yrs now, but have been thinking recently i'd really like a mk4 Toyota Supra, as i can see them fetching stupid money in the future
  3. Jim Bowen

    VR6 Timing

    I think thats ok, as long as you can see the cutout i was told.
  4. Yes, i worry the CF might not be here in the future, facebook is ok, but no where near as good as a forum for technical help.
  5. Still not got it sorted, the corrado has sat in garage for ages now and i need to get on with it. Might just fit the new engine and see if the misfire is still there, am starting to think the engine in car is to blame, i put new plugs in it and noticed the one in cylinder 6 is all black and looking in the cylinder with my scope it appears all wet and oily in there. Other cylinders also seem to have a coating of black gunk but a couple look dry and cleaner.
  6. I think my last reply answers it, i just bought it with money as i tend to do quite a bit of mileage and don't like the idea of looking after a car for the next owner, would rather me enjoy the best of it.
  7. Jim Bowen

    VR6 Fuel Hoses

    Honestly if you just but some fuel hose and fit it, after a while it takes the right shape and you can't tell any difference. Its just 8mm ID fuel hose. i doubt VW make their own.
  8. Jim Bowen

    ARB issue

    I'd check the wishbones are the right way round too, the little bit the ARB connects to will give it away
  9. Nah the clutch fork is within the gearbox/clutch area, quite hard to check
  10. I had all the timing covers, inlet manifolds and rocker cover soda blasted when i did mine, they came up lovely.
  11. Jim Bowen


    6 wheel landy is cool
  12. i think its the hard line that runs in the floor section
  13. Found the coolant leak, its the thermostat housing so that easy to sort out. Still not sorted out the rough running, not really been too bothered since getting the Fiesta ST but now the weather is nice i fancy taking corrado out. Not sure where to begin though. Starts fine and idles ok, but as soon as you try to accelerate it goes really lumpy and misfires with pops and bangs etc Think i need to start from the beginning and just go through everything, nothing shows up on vagcom. Can a cat falling apart inside cause this, might take it off and have a look as its the original one still.
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