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  1. The S3 is a bit underwhelming out of the box but if your prepared to treat it to a few bits theres a cracking car in there. The standard suspension is sh*te ARB's transform them and I can't tell you how much these improve the car. You must fit them!!! No roll and they add feel to the steering. Add springs and dampers and its a ridicious how much speed you can carry through a corner. You'll get thrown out of the window before the car lets go. Map wise i've driven quite a few now and love Revo, yes its aggressive but feels how a mapped turbo car should. Tap the throttle in any gear from 2000+ rpm and it pins you to the seat. APR/CC maps are smoother but don't feel fast to me after driving Revo. When i can afford to get the RS4 mapped i want it to deliver the power like the Revo map on the S3. I never really loved my S3 when i had it, but now its gone i do miss it. Its was one hell of a package, if only it sounded like an R32. HTH
  2. Probably not but i've bought alot of the kit already, had planned to drop the engine off with AwesomeGTi for building this month but having doubts about it now as they screwed up a simple camcover leak on the RS4 and missed the low brake pads during the service. Not too bothered that they didn't do the job properly we all make mistakes but when i complained they had no interest in putting it right so cost me £330 at Audi on top of Awesomes bill for £250 for the same job. How can i trust them with a VR Turbo build if changing a gasket is challenging, very disappointed with them. Still doing bits on the C but as an when i feel like it but as with the S3, new toy is getting played with more than to old C.
  3. you'd be better binning the prime lime and getting HD Cleanse. Its expensive but its much, much better for the extra £10 and it will last you a few years.
  4. Sorry i've not be around much lately, or done much on the C! Bought my myself a new daily and spending time tinkering with that. No mods, like our favourite coupe i'm just trying to keep on top of the niggles at the moment.
  5. Well i'm bored with the S3 so think its time i cracked on with the Corrado. Had a long delay with the engine as my friend was meant to be building it for me but has lost interest in Dubs. Wished he'd told me 12months ago! I'm going to be meeting up with a new engine builder in the next 2-3week weeks and handing over the spare block i've bought. Its a 60K 2.9 which i picked up for £150 with pistons and crank, not bad eh. The plan is now to build an engine ground up, uprated rods and pistons so the sky is the limit power wise. Hopefully this build thread will start moving at a pace again during 2008. I'd like to get the car ready for VW Festival in Leeds. I'm currently thinking going the hidden turbo route..or should i display alot of chromed up pipe work? Any suggestions on the type of head i should run? Big valve or just flowed?
  6. give it to your insurance company, they will contact the owner of the car and inform the police if needed. More than likely they'll send them a solictors letter.
  7. Fitted mine in april 2005. The company is a knightmare to deal with, i ordered in January and was quoted 3 weeks delivery. They turned up in April with the wrong hoses and i had to make some spacers as the caliper didn't sit central over the disc. That said, once on they are fantastic brakes the quality of mine is awesome. Nothing gets close for the money hence i put up with the hassle. My advice is buy from a tuner who knows the kits and get them to fit them. Now i have them i'm delighted with them and the hassle is long forgotten about (i bought direct).
  8. Yeah, heard about plastic water impeller blades and turbo pipes collapsing...did you not get these uprated? Plus, who did your work? I'd like to avoid them! :D (jokes)[/quote:3efb3] My work is all done by awesome who are brilliant, in fact if you book in for a cam belt they automatically replace the tensioners and water pump. Thats how common is it. Samething with the clutch, they replace the troublesome dual mass flywheel and slave cylinder too. :lol:
  9. Maf problem, coilpacks, radiator leaks, coolants temp sensor failures, Divertor valves splitting, N249 valves fail, splitting boost hoses, clapsing turbo intake pipes, intercooler hoses popping off, water pumps spitting plastic everywhere, blocked oil feed pipes the list goes on. If you think there trouble free you haven't owned one.
  10. Reliable's a stretch to far!!! I'll never have anything with a 20V again, rough, nasty engine note, no top end power. Very overrated.
  11. thanks very much. Yep, i'm not going to drive it again until its knocking 400bhp!
  12. Yeah, not so much nowadays. It's fun bateing "mummies special boy" or Ess Three has he prefers. Most of the tuners on the board send me a thanks PM every time i pick up the sh*te he posts. :lol:
  13. doubt it, won't be ready. Hopefully if i can get some time off it will be back for next year.
  14. i'm struggling to find time to work on it as i'm working 12hrs a day and weekends too. Yeah, and got a list of cars that people want me to detail for them and its nice to transform a car in 10hrs rather than years!!. I'm actually considering just handing the Corrado to Awesome to get the VRT conversion finished as my friend who was doing it for me is in the same position. He'd planned to do it during a quiet spell at work but he's stacked out. I'll get there in the end.
  15. GT2 is my favourite porsche, in black of course. Lovely work nathan, whats your rotary weapon of choice? Doesn't look like the usual makita/metabo people tend to favour.
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