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  1. Intermittent problems are usually caused by bad power/ground connections. I know you said you’ve checked all grounds and harnesses. How was that tested? Resistance testing? Or voltage drop testing? Or just a visual inspection? Resistance testing is not really accurate as older wires may show good continuity, but cannot carry current when the load is present. A visual inspection is even worse with these older cars. Voltage drop testing is key to finding these electrical gremlins. I was forced to learn a LOT just for owning a Corrado😂
  2. Other than the rough start, did it clear up your low rpm misfires? From the video it seemed to be running okay?
  3. I may have been mistaken, those three components (fuel sender, oil pressure light, and coolant light) share the same power wire from the voltage stabilizer within the cluster. Earlier I said they shared “grounds.” With that said, there *may* be a possibility that something shorted during installation. Have you tried to “reset” the MFA by holding the button for ~3 seconds?
  4. The water temp and oil pressure light tie into the same grounds within the gauge cluster unit. If you can't find any external wiring shorts, I'd try to change out the cluster. I'm not sure if the newer one you have is compatible. The wiring diagrams indicate that earlier years have an external "coolant low level control unit, " and the newer ones are built-in.
  5. Besides the fuel pump, any other wiring mods done to the car? The buzzing relay can be caused by voltage issues, shorts, mis-wiring, missing grounds, or the relay itself. Im suspecting the console wiring is shorted and causing the loaded display. The same short could also be contributing to the buzzing relay.
  6. I'd be more concerned about the spray pattern being different. I'm not sure why they'd sent one with a different tip. Are those the Bosch "Green Giants?" PN?
  7. Your application may be different and may not be needed. You *could* leave the harness there, and pull the injectors+rail out, but sneaking them around the harness was difficult as the wiring was very stiff on mine. It’s possible to reach the bolts with the manifold on. But if you’re willing to take off the manifold for access it would be easier. It’s been awhile and I don’t have the same engine anymore, so I’m hoping more people can chime in on this.
  8. The brackets are bolted to the block. It’s almost impossible to separate the plastic from the brackets without breaking. You need access from underneath. When the brackets are unbolted, the harness+brackets hang from the injector wires.
  9. I’d suggest to remove the fuel rail+injectors and harness as a whole assembly. Lubing the injectors with a little penetrating oil will aid in removal. Wiggle the whole assembly to get penetrant around the o-rings. It’s been awhile since I’ve done it but I may have had the valve cover off, as I was also doing the cams. Having the valve cover off made it easier to access the assembly. Getting good leverage against a wooden paint stick and a pry bar under the rail was key.
  10. I’ve replied to Storm Warning’s post about the moldings(2 orders). I’ve assumed it was also for the the US? I’ll have to try and get a group order and shipment down this way.
  11. This week I’ve discovered an alternative to edocdog’s usage of Mercury Cougar moldings for the Corrado. It’s not as sleek as the cougars, but it scrapes really well, holds tight, and looks decent. It is also very easy to modify with basic tools and skills. BE8Z5821452 “A” or “B”. 2011-19 Ford Fiesta There seems to be an abundance of passenger(B) moldings available, you can modify to fit either side of the Corrado. If anyone is interested I can post more pics and details of how to do this:
  12. I just read your other post. Just a thing to point out is your crankshaft pulley bolt. If there is loose red iron dust around the head of the bolt, it may be coming loose and slipping. That may be the cause of your timing coming undone.
  13. Other than the rough start, it runs and drives fine? I don’t know where else to check besides fuel pressure regulation, and compression. Sorry if I’m too persistent, I just LOVE these cars
  14. Hmm, maybe the sensor is still good. Any leaks in the vacuum line to the ECU?
  15. Hello! By any chance you have the Bosch Digifant-1 Fuel Injection? It *may* be as simple as changing a coolant sensor(blue)
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