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  1. Super duper massive bump for this thread. I used to adore this car! What happened to it??
  2. Hi guys. Spotted a private plated G reg dark corrado twice today. Once in Cabot Circus car park then later drove past me on Fishponds road. Following me?! In Bristol.
  3. Going to get some laquer and spray the wing and the keyscratch on the side and some small stone chips.
  4. Definately the Brera, I keep forgetting how lush that car is!!
  5. Damn that sucks mate :( Why didn't you leave it in gear you silly billy?! :-P Hmm, how about...20vT baby :norty:
  6. bristolbaron, Well we know what a Corrado is then :-P :lol:
  7. Happy bday, love the lights, awesome cake :D
  8. Cant you get a regular on and chrome it? Easy to do I thought...
  9. Ahh right :) Thanks Might get me arse down to more shows!
  10. When looking at some old Fiats I found this VERY Mk1 lookalike..
  11. Hey all, I've tried buffing up my rubber strips (Roof and doors) but they seem to "grey" very quickly now, does anywhere still do them new? Thanksy
  12. Yea once my wire for the window mechanism got in the way, and made it go slow, then eventually knocked the wire out...
  13. What's a FIAD? :-P To me they're proper butt-ugly, no matter how quick they are.
  14. Corrado>Calibra ;) Oh well, I'll always have a Corrado in my garage no matter what. I'd probably compare it to the TT..
  15. Weather in the UK is poop. All it takes is some piddly little rain to ruin a whole day. If you're going to rain, do it bloomin properly! Well, we had some hard rain here last Sunday, was pretty cool. Oh and some thunder too.
  16. Can someone explain what porting is? To me it just looks like cleaning it? :oops: And what's it's benefits? [/hijack]
  17. I think that look fantastic! in the bin
  18. Welcome mate, I'm absolutely loving your interior :) That install is nice and flush too, can see a lot of hard work gone into that :)
  19. Hah, driving me dads laguna at the mo(:oops:), saving me pennies you see for a vr6 :) Although alls fine with mine :)
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