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  1. I now drive this - Only just found my password for here again after a long time.. Nice to see some of the old guys are still on here! Hope everybodys OK ? D.
  2. For referance the plates are 6mm thick which is 3.5mm thicker than the plates that hold your rear beam to the chassis. I think the picture is deceiving? Zak is correct they are only a benifit when running low but this problem seem far more aparent on some cars not others.. Anyone remember Jeroens Corrado back in the day ? He ran this set up when on 17"s and he wasn't seeing any issues with ride height Cheers for looking though guys and if you have anymore questions please let me know D.
  3. Send a email. Robs working on some stuff at gwerks today and tomorrow. He will call you to arrange. We will also have stock at e38
  4. Hello, I did manage to lose my password a while ago.. I did answer your post on another forum though but im always at work on 01903730006 if that helps Darren
  5. We dont use royal mail unless it for saturday delivery's as there special delivery (saturday) is more reliable than the couriers we use.. For the record we use APC couriers and until this week have been faultless... Darren PS the chargers now back with me and i will be checking it through in the next hour!
  6. Hello there, I dont have the chance to get on here to much these days but have just been alerted of this post! I was not aware of this situation until this evening with the courier company. I can assure you that i will be calling the company first thing and giving them a peice of my mind even though i now understand the 2 units will be back with us tomorrow. I will personally open the box and make sure everything is in perfect order before re sending it. If you would like me to arrange special delivery with royal mail for a saturday delivery please let me know tomorrow and i will make sure this happens for you. Again as Rob mentioned above i apoligise for any delays you have incurred but unfortunatly short of us hand delivering these things can sometimes happen. Darren G-Werks
  7. We would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas! Its been a tough year for everyone and we would like to thank you for your custom and support in using a smaller company for your needs. We have some new and exciting developments coming in 2009 which we have been working hard to get finished and hope to see you all in 2009. Please drive safely over the christmas period! We are now closed and will reopen on the 5th Jan. Thank you! G-werks (Darren,Rob,Ben)
  8. We only sell KW / Eibach Arb's due to most other companies not giving a rats Ass about how quickley the customer needs it ( H&R)
  9. I just completed a trackday in one of my customers corrados today (yes he was with me) with stock wheels / 288 brakes, a set of our v3's and a neuspeed rear arb and we were showing up some very expensive machinery around the track.. these really are up to the job on road and track use! Oh and BTW kev when are you going to trail some of our new KW clubsports on your car? i really think you will like them!
  10. Shameless plug. http://www.g-werks.com/Services/1/Default.aspx Were based in littlehampton.
  11. Ring Rob at work and he will send you one FREE
  12. A blank Canvas with the expensive work done.. It seems weird, Now its gone up north it seems its finally gone (i mean from me selling it) even though its had 2 owners since i built it. I look foward to seeing the progress you make on this mate! D.
  13. We can supply you with all the parts needed if you require. You will also need the top plates (the section inbetween the spring and the top mount also to use the ultra gt kit on a later car) the are inexpensive items though but worth considering as it will catch you out when you go to fit them on a weekend. D.
  14. Drop the platform to drop the car.. Logic
  15. Did you not try to adjust it when carrying out the MOT ? 500ohms is a base setting for a std car running stock injectors not a modified engine on 440's mate.Get it back on the emmisions machine and get winding the co pot once you have checked the ignition timing is correct
  16. Post up a picture or a link, I should be able to tell you if it can be repaired... D.
  17. Please do not over tighten the lock ring grub screw.. its more than adaquate for the job.. Im glad your happy with them and there up to your expectations Darren.
  18. if its just an oil seal there will be no need to have a complete overhaul of the unit.. Send it down if you want an inspection of the unit for free
  19. Yan.. put a DTI gauge on the cam lobe and the piston TDC and measure the dwell angle for both and double check this again.. We have had this come up so many times it was the only way i could confirm 100% which method was correct and i believe this is the correct way to set them up. Darren
  20. Dan you have the weitec hicon gt's which are a very popular choice with corrado owners it seems as we supply quite a few sets per month...
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