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  1. MT

    Radiator Replacement

    Thanks very much guys, ill have a bash at getting it done on saturday. Isnt it just so annoying not having like a haynes manual for the corrado!!
  2. MT

    Radiator Replacement

    Come on guys has no one replaced a radiator in a G60??
  3. Hello all, Just a quickie (so to speak) can anyone tell me how much of a job it is going to be to replace the rad in my G60. Think i have sprung a leak but its not loosing much water just steams a bit from the rad area even tho cant see where any holes are. Anyone know where to get a cheap rad?? Thanks
  4. MT

    Retro fitting ABS

    Yeah ive not got it either :( after some dicey moments i think it might be a wise investment!!
  5. MT

    Bmw 330d !!!

    Yeah a friend of mine has a 330 clubsport and that thing shifts! handling aint too shabby either! :wink:
  6. MT

    New Tyres?

    Ive heard very good things about Eagle F1s, the wet grip is especially good and they look pretty mean too!! :x Apparently they dont wear as fast as the Toyo Proxes but then they do cost more so i guess its a trade off!
  7. Wow, now that is a stunning 'rado! big complements to the owner 8)
  8. Um well when you first get into the car the seats are cold whether heated or not! it takes several minutes before you notice the warmth from below!! But its a nice feeling to have the warm seat and cosy cabin when you look outside at the snow drifts!! :D
  9. I was luck enough to get driven around the 'ring in an ITR and that was an experience i can tell you! The performance was very good when rev'd but the handling was awesome! like no fwd car i have ever been in, would run rings around my G60 and a vr likewise i would imagine! The car was driven by some guy who wasnt the best driver i have ever seen but the car was pretty forgiving and flattered his driving to make him look like a pro! I wouldnt mind owning one but as Ess Three said it would get a bit tiring with the lack of torque and refinement i would think!
  10. I know the feeling, had to get a centre cap for the standard BBS G60 wheel like Jim mentioned, cost me £34 each plus VAT, yes thats £39.95 EACH. :shock: glad it was just the one i needed, not sure if i could stomach £160 for a set of 4 hub caps!!
  11. MT

    Oil Temperature and Spoiler

    Sounds like the hole your talking about is the one connecting the oil filler cap lip around the oil filler hole. The lip is the part that the filler cap screws into. When filling the car with oil if your a bad shot and spill any into the lip surrounding the filler hole then it drains out of the hole in question at the front of the rocker cover. If that is the hole your talking about then its nothing to worry about, just mop up the excess so as to not cause a mess under the bonnet! (no-one likes mess!) I dont believe the whole is supposed to have any sort of cover over it. Hope this helps
  12. MT

    106 gti

    I have a nasty feeling the 106 GTI would be faster than the 16v rados, my friend had one and boy did that thing shift and handle too!! I think the G60 would be a closer match but as the 106 is made from paper thus weighing nothing its really nippy and just goes! I have no doubt the 60 would be much faster top end, not that anyone drives over 70 anyway! :wink: I would like to see one of those GTIs still performing like the corrados do when they are 12 years old and with serious mileage, i dont think it would happen some how!!
  13. Oh okay, sounds like a new relay is on the cards for me! cheers Henny
  14. I was under the impression that the pre-facelift models didnt have the variable intermittent wipers, im pretty sure my late 91 g60 doesnt. how can you tell if it has it and its not working??
  15. MT

    squeaky breaks

    If its not too bad you could try taking out the front pads and putting some copper grease on the areas of the pads that make contact with the caliper (not the disk!!). This helps stop the squeeking noise caused by the vibrations i believe. good luck
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