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  1. Can you tell me what the problem is exactly? Regards Chris
  2. Thanks for the info Bruno. Is there any more information about this kit anywhere?
  3. Correct, but there are also a lot of LHD drivers here. Maybe someone is interested.
  4. At this moment I am working on part of the air conditioning for all VR6s. 535 820 411 D. (VR6 -> 8/91 - 6-95) Unfortunately, the condenser is not available from VW or ClassicParts. I'm currently building a small series of the 535 820 411 D condensor. If you are interested in the part, feel free to contact us. greetings Chris
  5. Available now. 535 941 177 B & 535 941 178 B Facelift 8/92 + all VR6 Regards Chris
  6. By the way, in case you guys are interested to see the project "my wifes corrado gets an update" (93 SLC) I am currently working in- have a look at the vwcorrado-forum.de where I post pictures of the progressing project every once in a while. https://www.vwcorrado-forum.de/mbb/showthread.php?tid=46465&pid=469091#pid469091
  7. A set + glue costs 49 € + shipping. The shape of the holders is exactly the same as the original. But they are more flexible because we used soft material for printing. greetings Chris
  8. Coming soon: 535941177B & 535941178B Facelift, late style, 8/92 - 6/95
  9. Windscreen trim clips Set (10 pieces) = 45€ + shipping Tailgate trim clips Set (6 pieces) = 17€ + shipping Headlight adjusters (1 unit) = 39€ + shipping Shipping is currently problematic. Since Brexit, shipping to the UK has unfortunately become very expensive and also has to go through customs. The cheapest insured shipping to UK currently is 17 €. For a couple of clips, that's pretty much. Perhaps a group order would be an option. greetings Chris
  10. Approximately € 250 including UK shipping. But Spoonfed apparently has someone in the UK who offers the lips there. It would probably be cheaper for you to buy the parts from him.
  11. Thanks to a cooperation with Spoonfed, I can also offer the 90mm lip for European customers.
  12. I have reproduced some new parts. Amongst other things: 535941297 - Adjusting screw for manual headlight range adjustment.
  13. Unfortunately, I have to rely on used original parts, which is why I am very happy to trade in defective or old parts. Some Corrados also do not need motors for the electrical headlight range control, would reduce the price again. This means that the price can vary between € 500 and € 850 + shipping.
  14. Ok, if there is no need, the thread can be closed @admin. Thank you. Chris
  15. I am offering a set of RHD facelift headlights in mint condition. (Refurbished, like new.) Glasses like new. Frame like new. Newly coated reflectors. Housing as good as new. Electric motors for headlight range adjustment. Optionally possible: - LHD glasses as good as new - new OEM reflectors / yellow french style / blackened reflectors - Manual controls for setting the headlight range - Also available as a version for the old model / G60 / VFL / 1 phase You can also send your old headlights in for overhaul. You will receive an individual offer by email. Shipping within Germany 10 €, shipping within EU is 20 €, shipping worldwide is possible but needs to be discussed. best regards Chris
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