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    Coolant Sensor

    Thanks mate, that's just what I was after! Cheers...
  2. Greetings all, After a couple of months of total neglect and lack of love for my corrado I've finallly got some pride back. I've gave it a real good clean yesterday and hooked it up to my mates VAG-COM. It came back with the following fault - 00522 - Coolant Sensor. I've done a search, but can't really find anything. The dealer has quoted me £26 for the sensor, but what I really need to know is, is it easy to fit and do I hve to drain the system? Any help apprieciated.
  3. Does that come with the silver VW badge?
  4. Walesy, you're probably right mate!
  5. Do GSF do exterior parts?
  6. I'm after a Colour coded grille for my Storm... Where's the best place to try?
  7. I've just unplugged the MAF as the engine was running and nothing happened! The engine did not cut out. Does this mean my MAF is knackered?
  8. Thanks Kev! Can anyone recommend a good VW specialist in South Wales?
  9. Come on guys, there must be someone who can share some knowledge?
  10. I got round to replacing the Cam Position Sensor last month. I cleared down the faults, took it for a good drive, plugged it back into VAG COM and it was clear. However, it's still got this random mis-fire!! :mad: This has got more noticeable over the past few weeks, as it is now intermittently stalling at a stop. I was sat at traffic lights and the engine sound was fine. Next thing the engine suddnely sounds as if it's missing, the idle drops and the car cuts out. This only happens now and again. I parked up outside work this morning and again I could hear the engine missing. I revved the engine and I started to get blowing form the exhaust. As you can see from this thread I've taken all the advice given and replaced a load of parts-Please, please help!! :cry:

    Poor Handling!

    Thanks for the advice guys!! Much appreciated! :)

    Poor Handling!

    Pardon my stupidity, but ehat exactly do you reccomend I get checked over?

    Poor Handling!

    The guy at the garage told me Vredesteins were a good tyre? Anyone even heared of them?!!? Cos I haven't!
  14. Bit of strange one this. Replaced the 2 rear tyres over the weekend as they were MOT failures, and ever since the handling has seriously got worse! The new tyres are Vredestein Sportrac's. Could these new tyres be to blame? But then again, surley anything would be better than 2 bald Potenza's!!
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