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  1. Thanks Kev, he's supposed to contact me before doing anything expensive, but it sounded so odd I thought I'd better be fore-armed ;-)
  2. From what she said, it sounded like he was suggesting the fluid in the "unit" needed changing, at which point my ignorance manifested itself. BTW, should have posted this in the Service forum, if a mod wants to do his stuff.....
  3. Wife left her 94 16v in for some servicing while she's gone for a few days, and your man mentioned something about a sealed hydraulic unit that has something to do with tappets. She was in a hurry so the details didn't penetrate, mean anything to you Corradistas?
  4. Means taking it to the red line on your tach, AKA giving it a damn good thrashing ;-)
  5. 94D16V

    Bloody Hot Car!

    IMO the "problem" seems to have more to do with heat from the engine bay than from the heating/ventilation. That engine seems to run very hot particularly in summer, at least judging from how long the fan stays on after switching off. That's why I thought it might be a 16V characteristic.
  6. Good to hear, she's been away for a few days, and I've just been moving it in and out of the drive. Sounds unusually rough at idle, so I thought it could do with an early morning blast to clear the lungs before she comes back.
  7. Car is usually driven sedately in city traffic by herself, does the engine like high revs and benefit from being redlined every so often?
  8. 94D16V

    Bloody Hot Car!

    Thanks for that, but I find it hot even when the heater hasn't even been put on, the dials work OK, cos when you put the heat up it's like a sauna. Just thought it might be a characteristic of the car, as the dealer couldn't find a problem.
  9. 94D16V

    Bloody Hot Car!

    Interloper here, my wife's the owner but as an occasional driver I find the car incredibly hot. It's as if the heater was on all the time, is this normal with 16Vs, or does she have a problem somewhere?
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