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  1. So here’s a video of my build and what’s come out of it. 😊 Should have made better videos while building, but didn’t really think of it like that back then. πŸ˜…Luckily a friend of mine got something out of them and it gives an idea of what was the work behind of it all. And ofcourse the new part by: https://instagram.com/sv_carphotography?utm_medium=copy_link
  2. So.. the car is ready..ish. πŸ˜„ Well the first vision has basically come to life. Motor is done, car is back on streets (since 19th of May actually already). Since then I have been trying to find the right wheels and tires and fitment. And today I can say, I'm happy with the results. Firstly I had 17"8J ET35 JR23 wheels. Then I had to put spacers, front 10mm because of the brake caliper. At first I wanted to put 15mm to back, but couldn't, because um.. it didn't reach the wheel hub (?).. well, the wheel was loose. So the solution was 20mm spacer, which actually was perfect. As for the tires, firstly I got 225/35, but knew right away that I couldn't lower the car, when the coilovers arrive. So bought coilovers (MTS-Technik), went back to my originals 16" and lowered the car. Then ordered new tires, 195/45. Today got them assembled to JR wheels. In the front it has a little camber and I can't let it more lower. Perfect would be I think 195/35 tires, but I'm done with the wheel problems for this year πŸ˜„. But /35 stretch would be still nice (I don't like over the top stretch) and can go lower or stay as low without any problems. Personally I think in the future I would get 16" wheels, all 8J or back 8,5" and front 8". ET...I don't even know, it seems to me it depends on the wheel itself. But I don't mind using the spacers. So now I have to deal with details. Bonnet lining, front lip (the thin one), passenger door handle, left window scraper, sound system and many more details to search and buy. πŸ˜„ The engine bay is quite awesome, the polished manifold and the plastic covers which actually sparkles in the sun. It really isn't as clean as in the picture, since the engine bay didn't get new paint and all the hoses and wiring are old - not so shiny. But I'm happy, big work has been done and I could to so much of it by myself - quite proud. 😊
  3. Thank you for the idea! I took the job and ripped it apart. Wasn't hard, cover fabric came off quite easily, drilled the rivets off of the support thingy.. πŸ˜„ Measured and cut right parts for the holes and glued them in with epoxy clue. πŸ˜„ Now I need to buy some cover fabric when the shops are opened again.
  4. Long time no update. In conclusion Corrado will basically have a new 2.9 motor. πŸ˜„ Uh, I don't no the right words, but I'll try to translate and describe. So the cylinder block was measured and is too worn out. Got new block, which was 2.8, it was drilled for 2.9 pistons. Camshaft, crankshaft, cylinder head (was grinded) and good valves are left from the old engine block. Three valves were changed, they were bent. Pistons are from donor engine, if I remember correctly (car is at a mechanic for engine works). Oil pump, water pump are new. All the chain system new. As the mechanic took the chain system apart, some of the parts were practically falling off so the engine was probably going to end it's life soon enough. Got it repaired at the right time.😳😊 I polished the intake manifold. Ooh, it was quite a work. But enjoyed doing something for the car over a while. Resprayed tail lights, the plastic covers were worn out chrome-like things, painted it black. The engine plastic covers are resprayed to black and are going to have sparkling cover. I'm hoping it will go with the polished manifold.. The exhaust system cooling/air guide is painted black and front lock carrier is having original color. So all in all the car is gonna have green, black, white, shining/sparkling theme. Picked out, and ordering any time soon wheels and tires. 17"x8J wheels all around, probably in need of spacers. Tires are 225/35. I'll tell what kind of wheels, when I'll have them under the car cause I'm crossing fingers that they would fit fine..similar to classic bbs, but more airy, not so honeycomb style. Hoping to have the car in couple of weeks. Then going to put it together finally and having a technical inspection so I could ride on the streets again. Hoping for the best!🌟 Ooh, I got to ride a 2.8 vr6 Corrado couple of weeks ago. Wooow, it truly is an amazing car and motor, haven't had a change to drive one in a while.😍 β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ
  5. Talked to a mechanic too about the overheating possibility, but he didn't believe it. He's been working with vr motors for decades and that hasn't been an issue. VR tends to overheat yes, but the shield wouldn't be so thick under there that the air won't flow and the oil pan and oil filter holes are there too. And air would find a way in and out. Many opinions then..guess it's just about trying, at least would get an experience..have to think about it then. But thank you! ☺️
  6. Ooh, I don't need soundproofing, vr6 is such a beautiful sound. πŸ˜„ But I'm only driving on warm seasons anyway, in winter with snow and salt is no go (in Estonia). ☺️
  7. Okay, thank you. So rather not. Was thinking of the dirt that ruins engine bay.. then gonna have to wash it more. πŸ˜„
  8. Hi! Has anyone done it? I'm looking solutions to put engine splash shield for my vr6, but hard to find any threads about it. πŸ€”
  9. Today changed the mirror plates which I ordered from ebay. The package included some kind of attachment plastic which wouldn't attach to the mirror. So took the plastic plate off of old mirrors with heat gun. And put new ones on. Except the terminal connectors were the other way around so did have to drill new holes to the plastic. Other than that it was quite easy. Ordered the tank straps. Looked up bonnet lining, but my question is, is it necessary to be with heat shield features or nothing bad happens if the lining is just for looks there? Considering the vr6 motor heat..
  10. This is a good idea, to do grill covers. Printed with 3D machine for example.. Then I thought that I could use some speaker covers (without speakers), but I would prefer a cleaner look. So took the courage and ripped a little of the cover off to see with what the support thing is attached. It seems to be a rivet. The cover is clued yes, it comes off quite easy. Have an experience with ceiling upholstery change so maybe it's an easy fix. Have to find a proper cloth and spray clue, cut some plywood into the holes, clue them in and if needed sanding it even. Thank you for your thoughts! 😊 If I get it done, then going to describe the work here too.
  11. Hi! So I'm probably not going to put the oval speakers there and I would like to cover the holes. Has someone done it- put on a new clothing or smth? For the life of me I can't seem to figure out how the metal support things come off so I could rip the cover off.. there's no screws and doesn't seem to be clued on too..πŸ€” Maybe someone has changed the cover and knows. Could not find any thread about it tho. Thanks in advance! 😊
  12. Thank you! Oh yeah, since I was doing the sanding and all that prep work first time in my life, then got to do some things over and over again. The whole thing took about 6 months of work. πŸ˜„ Color is lovely indeed, couldn't imagine that I would love a green color so much, but it's so pretty and shiny. Thank you for the advice. Luckily I'll take the engine to a mechanic who has been building VR motors years and years, so completely trusting Corrado with him. πŸ˜„ But I'll ask about the mk4 tensioner for sure. 😊
  13. Thank you all for kind words! ☺️ Side mirror glasses are ordered, as are some bolts and other things. Going to order tank straps soon, thanks for the link. Talked to the mechanic and going to take the car to him about three weeks from now. Can't wait, and hoping that the motor is in shape for restoring or I have to find a new one.😬 Seat heating.. passenger side hasn't been working since I bought Corrado. But the driver side worked until it started making funny thing than when I turned seat heating on, the fuse went out. So something with the electric system- not a friend of mine. πŸ˜ƒ The sunroof.. it was something to do with that I have installed a later style control unit (which I got when bought the car), but earlier sunroof cables or the other way around, I'm sorry don't know how to call them right. πŸ˜„ Anyway, I was told that there would be a problem, if I would want to merge these. That eventually it would burn the motor or cause a short circuit or smth. I don't know, probably have to find a smart electrician to really believe that. What else.. have been keeping an eye out for fog lights and the window scrapers..no luck. Also right side (my passenger side) original door handle is needed. And searched for side skirts, but hard to choose - can't imagine them on my car. πŸ˜„ Most of them are way over my liking and to find the right one which goes with the bumpers- it has to be somewhat humble,πŸ€” but right now it's like a little higher in the middle while the bumpers are lower, especially the front one with the lip. So I would like them to be rather on one line.🧐 Oh, friend of mine did airride installation for his Seat Cupra and now I want airride for my Corrado more than ever. It's sooo cool. πŸ˜† πŸ’Έ
  14. Hi! Thought I'd make a thread about my Corrado, since in Estonia we have quite a few of these and this forum has given me some inspiration already. Sometimes a fellow Rado owners motivation is all I need to keep going. πŸ˜ƒ Yes, I'm from Estonia so don't mind my English- it's rusty. Oh, one more thing, I'm a girl and I haven't studied anything related to mechanics etc. Interest with cars became with friends who built cars and watching them from aside. My Corrado is as old as me, from 1994, 2.9 VR6 (looove vr6 sound). Bought it almost 4 years ago, but started really building it in 2020 April when I got a chance to use a garage. Since I bought it, it has been a dream to do as much as possible by myself and learning while doing so. As said, in April 2020 I started disassembling the car with a plan to do all the groundwork for painting. I knew nothing, not even sand paper grit differences. l googled and read a lot, bought many work tools. Also made an Instagram account for my cars (daily is 2gen Audi TT Q 2.0tdi) from where came many fellow petrolheads who cheered and taught me. By a coincidence I got an awesome painter who also taught me with the groundwork. My planned 3 months of work made it to 6 months. So most of the nice sunny weather went by with taking Rado to parts, sanding, priming, even got to try welding when took the car to friend for a bodywork. And doing all these things over and over again, piece by piece. On many occasions one piece several times. πŸ˜„ It was challenging, at times frustrating, but overall awesome. 🀩 At first I thought that the body is in quite good condition, but the more I took it apart and sanded it, the more rust came out. 😱 Much of the rust was welded or taken off and put some Brunox rust shield on it. Would've wanted to take the car to a professional for sandblasting, but it would have taken away the DIY opportunity. So I know that it will start rusting rather sooner, but I took that chance. Can always do it again (secretly hoping that not in the near future). πŸ˜„ Decided to paint it the original LC6P (dragon green pearl), cause it's so cool color. Kinda changes when in sun or dark and the metallic effect, wow, love it! So when groundwork was done I took it to a professional for coloring, because I don't have right conditions for that. Got Rado back and started putting it back together. One condition was a proper sound isolation and wiring for a sound system which I did also for the first time. Can say that Corrado got pretty good layer of it. Oh, before I had doors with Audi handles but I insisted original ones. Got doors but didn't get handles. At first I bought new Passat B3 handles and the repair kit, but then learned that they require some parts from original handles so quite useless buy. Was desperate, when a fellow Corrado owner gave the driver side to me which I can't be thankful enough. But still searching for the passenger side. New doors had manual windows, but I wanted my electrical windows so relocated them to "new" doors, which is why I somewhat hate rivets now. πŸ˜„ And I got to do some wiring work also. Also looking for the left window scraper which I know there is a thread about with a list who would buy it. βœ‹ Sadly bent mine to a banana. For the winter I took Corrado away. Got to drive few kilometers towards the winter sleep location, when either alternator or battery died, when I but headlights on. πŸ˜„ Decided that in spring I will go to a professional mechanic with the motor and everything else technical. Made a deal that I can be there when he works on my car so I could learn thing or two. πŸ˜„ Gonna take the engine apart, it makes the worst noise right now. Yeah the chain system too, but the whole engine is like.. the worst diesel in winter. πŸ˜„πŸ˜ž Also the exhaust system, coilovers (actually I would like airride but probably a future work, cause it's going way over budget with all the engine bay and else been done). In previous years I did the spark blug and wires change, changed white seiling padding to black, cleaned throttle body, changed many sensors and thermostat when had overheating problem..most of the things I do myself but being quite weak I sometimes have to ask a man power help. πŸ˜„ The exterior is going to be classy- crystal taillights, side blinkers and fog lights. 17" or 18" wheels, something like BBS wheels. Thinking coloring the center to a metallic shining white- should go with the green-crystal lights concept. Interior is black leather. Gonna have a proper sound system, probably built-in subwoofer and two amplifiers- luckily I have a teacher as friend who has a sound system car. The wing works, I got to take it to molecules when putting car together, because it didn't work anymore. It was a switch problem but again got an experience. Many parts are still needed, like both side mirror classes and mirror bolts to assemble them to car, the window scraper, fuel tank straps (for 70L). The sunroof isn't working cause of the wiring, seat heating isn't working, fog lights and many many more items if I want to have a fine detailing. Put some pictures in too. Hope you enjoy! 😊
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