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  1. where is the earth connection on the head? excuse my ignorance! Anyone?
  2. The clocks on my 91 valver are nackered - is it an easy enough job to replace them? Whats involved? CHeers
  3. where is the earth connection on the head? excuse my ignorance!
  4. The oil temp on my 91 valver rarely shows even after a long journey - even then it never gets above 60. Also the normal temp gauge never goes up as far as it should - usually sitting no more than 70. Are these connected? and what is it likely to be? Cheers
  5. Oops! Didn't realise the subtitle didn't show once the thread was opened. Also didn't know that an Avant was an Estate! Wow! I'm learning loads today!! I'd also like to learn if i should go for this or not at £900? And before anyone says.....it's not a replacement for my Corrado - it's an addition to my VAG family!! Cheers
  6. anyone got a rough idea how much the above car is worth. It's a 94 L reg in silver with 137k and a FSH. It's got a new MOT and tax. it's in excellent condition and everything works. Got the chance to buy this for £900. What do you guys think?
  7. Been told that the nearside driveshaft is away on my 1.8 valver. Any ideas how much this should be to get sorted in a garage? Cheers
  8. Got a door handle repair kit from Dave - an excellent piece of kit and easy enough to fit (with the help of someone). Highly recommended!!
  9. I seem to remember finding a website a few years back that told you where your car was first registered when you entered the reg no. Does anyone know of any sites that do this or know what i'm talking about? I think it may have been a site that sold private number plates or something?! PS - my reg is H*** EWK
  10. Aargghh you've nicked my car!! :shock: Mine is absolutely identical to yours! Happy motoring mate!
  11. Dougalo

    How fast

    Maybe he wasn't trying?! :wink: I got 'beat' off the lights by a corsa sri the other day. I'm sure the corsa driver thought he'd beat me good and proper!! :lol:
  12. This is probably a stupid question, but i'm gonna ask it anyway!! :lol: I need a couple of engine bits for my 1991 valver - starter motor and alternator. I'm a bit skint so am gonna take a risk and see what i can find on eBay. Are both of these parts exactly the same as the mk2 16V golf? Cheers! (hang my head in shame for asking such a stupid question!) :oops:
  13. my valver is pretty bad too. I'm early 20's MPG and i don't drive particularly fast (mostly cos i can't afford the petrol!) :?
  14. I was into work early this morning and when i got there i was greeted with a huge empty car park with a fresh layer of snow on it! What a hoot I had!! :twisted:
  15. Dougalo


    Just looking for some confirmation really....... The temperature gauge on my valver rarely goes above 70C under normal driving conditions and the oil temp on the MFA rarely reaches 60C. Am i right in thinking that the thermostat needs replaced?
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